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minties Mar 9th, 2017 16:19 PM

No teeth yet? Also no babbling?
Emma isn't too far off being 8 months now. She's got zero teeth and it's so weird! I'm not complaining, but my others had a decent set of chompers by now. Is this anything to worry about? This is my eldest at 8 months, he had 7 teeth and the 8th was starting to emerge:

Sophie had 4 teeth by 8 months.

More concerning is Emma's lack of babbling. There is no ma ma ma or da da da sounds. She's noisy and playful, but mainly just screams and shrieks. I don't remember what Sophie was doing at this age, but remember Thomas was saying da da da a lot.

When do I worry about lack of babbling? She will copy me if I made a shrieking sound but that's it. Guess she likes yelling at people.

happynewmom1 Mar 9th, 2017 17:40 PM

I'm not certain on the babbling.. But the teeth. Not a concern yet. Our dd2's doctor said she doesn't worry about first teeth until around 15 months. I did ask her because i was getting concerned.. But she got her first tooth at 11 months and now has 3 with 2 more coming in. So she was late to get one but when she did they just won't stop haha our first was like yours and had a bunch of teeth by that age and second at least had a few by then too so it was weird for this baby to take so long to get any. But yes.. Enjoy it. Because once she's gotten teeth she has been biting on seriously everything including me lol

CRWx Mar 10th, 2017 04:47 AM

Not sure about babbling but my DD got her first tooth at 10 months and is only just getting her second tooth at 1. Nothing to worry about!

MindUtopia Mar 10th, 2017 05:10 AM

I wouldn't worry about the teeth. They all get them at different times. Mine got her first 2 at 6.5 months, but nothing else til closer to a year.

Babbling they like to see by 9 months. Mine wasn't babbling at all at 8 months when we saw the HV for our development check. She just said to keep an eye on it and be in touch if it didn't happen by 9 months. Sure enough, 2 weeks later at 9 months, she was babbling away. After that, they do start to get a bit concerned, but she still has plenty of time.

xdxxtx Mar 10th, 2017 07:56 AM

My kids all got teeth at different times, but only my fourth-born got any teeth before turning 1. The doctor said they don't worry unless they have no teeth at 2, so you're in the clear. Getting teeth late is a GREAT thing. It means those gums are super strong.

As for the not talking, my second-born was quiet. He didn't shriek or talk or ANYthing. We talked to his doctor about it for a year. When he was almost 2 and still didn't say anything, so we took him to a specialist. There was nothing uncommon about him except for his lack of speech. They insisted that nothing was wrong. Well, he turned 2, and then all the sudden, he started speaking in sentences. Out of nowhere. No "Mama" or "Dada" or anything of the type. His first WORD was part of his first sentence, which sentence was, "I love you!" and his second, that same day, was "Daddy, will you push me on the swings?" WHAT? We couldn't believe it! This child went from not making a PEEP to THAT? But he did. The rest of my kids did the babbling and normal baby stuff. Still no reason why my second-born decided to wait until he had perfected speaking to start doing it, but it was really amazing to watch. :shrug:

I went to the dr about my child, and I would recommend doing the same if you're worried. What the specialist said to me was that a baby not talking or babbling is NOT a concern as long as the child is making some noise ("AH!" counts) or raising hands to be picked up or making some attempt to communicate with you. I teach my babies sign language, so he was signing a few things, and he would lift his hands up when he wanted to be held. This was a sign that everything is okay.

So it sounds like your baby is doing fine, to me. I'm no doctor or specialist, just remembering what I was told, and everything was perfect. :)

catty Mar 10th, 2017 16:24 PM

My daughter only had 2 teeth on her first birthday, all of a sudden every few days a new one would pop out of nowhere and she never had any teething pains was so strange!
My son had lots of teeth by his first bday i forgot now but at least 8 but oh he was the worst teether.

Being the third child shes maybe just enjoying listening to everyone else chatting and maybe doesnt need to say much to get what she wants as there lots of little helpers?

babyjan Mar 11th, 2017 13:47 PM

I wouldn't be concerned about teeth just yet. My first got his first tooth at ten months but my second was 7 months. All babies are different x

Oh wow he did have a lot of teeth for 8 months. My son is 11 months now and he the two bottom and just getting his two top teeth now!

ChocolateC Mar 12th, 2017 00:20 AM

My first didn't get teeth until 13 months. No, I'm not kidding. My second is 9 months without a tooth in sight.
I also heard that late teething is a good thing.
She may be babbling in her own way, just not the classic baby way. I agree that asking a doctor might set your mind at ease.

laura109 Mar 13th, 2017 03:55 AM

My two year old got her first at 11 nonths. She has a full set almost just needs the back molars x

minties Mar 13th, 2017 17:07 PM

Thank you so much everyone! I feel reassured about the teeth thing.

As for babbling, she isn't doing the classic mamama sort of stuff but she's very vocal and makes a lot of other noises. She's does enjoy noisy interaction with all of us. She knows her name very well, knows what "high five", " no" and "where's Emma?" (peekaboo) mean. She does make noises like huh and hey, and all sorts of different shrieks and weird noises haha!

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