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ladders Mar 12th, 2017 13:22 PM

33yr ttc#2 - buddies needed!!!
Hi ladies so I'm back again! Ttc dd was probably the worst experience of my life, I got so obsessed and definitely caused some issues with dh, my first pregnancy ended in a mc at 7 weeks but then I conceived straight after and now have the most amazing 2yr old.
But I'm back ttc #2 and need buddies to help keep me sane!!!

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Ladders :bfp: June 2017 :angel: 7w4d

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citrusfruit Mar 12th, 2017 14:59 PM

Hi! I'm on cycle no.1 and also have a nearly 2 year old :)

Have you got a boy or girl? Are you fussed about gender for number 2? I've got a boy and I'd love a girl...

ladders Mar 12th, 2017 15:30 PM

Hi citrus! I have a little girl and would quite like another but mostly because I don't have any experience with boys!
How long have you been trying for #2? I came off the pill last month so I'm on cycle day 29 but no idea how long it should be!

Jenny1702 Mar 12th, 2017 16:03 PM

Hi we are on cycle 1 our daughter Sofia is 3 in May. We had planned to try sooner but after 2 abnormal smears we had to wait for further tests. Sofia asks for a sister but as long as baby is healthy we don't mind :)

I'm on cd24 I usually have 29 day cycle but ovulated later this cycle on day18.
When trying for our daughter I got pregnant after 3 months but unfortunately that ended in a chemical pregnancy we tried for a further 3 months and got pregnant with our daughter I'm hoping to get pregnant easily again this time.

citrusfruit Mar 12th, 2017 16:50 PM

Haven't tried for no.2 yet. Just waiting for period to disappear then will be good to go! I was also a bit delayed due to inadequate smears after previous abnormal ones. So frustrating and worrying isn't it Jenny. I want to conceive quickly too before I get too near to when my next smear is due.

Do you guys temp or use opks or anything or do you do the relaxed method?!

Jenny1702 Mar 12th, 2017 17:23 PM

it's a real worry when smears are abnormal my first abnormal was a year ago biopsy graded cin 1 this year's smear abnormal again biopsy couldn't find trace of pre cancerous cells so doc said we are good to go :) i did temp & log all signs on fertility friend my daughter still wakes some nights so makes temping quite inaccurate at times. I'm still logging all signs on fertility friend I'm quite confident I can track my ovulation this way :)

ladders Mar 13th, 2017 04:02 AM

Frustrating when things delay your plans, I get quite set on planning which is usually my downfall and has definitely proved to be with ttc! Think I'm going to be on cycle day 1 today too as had some brown discharge this morning. Had gotten quite excited as if was on normal cycle I should have started at Thurs, but as first month off pill in probably no regular yet 😕
Cirtrus last time I used everything and i mean everything!!!!! Trying to be more relaxed this time as wasn't great last time. What about you guys?

citrusfruit Mar 13th, 2017 15:54 PM

Oh you sound just like me ladders!!! I just love how in control all the temping makes me feel. Why do you say it wasn't great? Did it take you quite a while? I can imagine it would probably get a bit much after too long, but we were really lucky and conceived in our second month.

I thought about being relaxed, but did really enjoy temping last time so want to experience it again.

Jenny1702 Mar 13th, 2017 16:33 PM

We are going for a more relaxed way this time. With our daughter we were temping, tracking every sign/symptom and dtd about 25 days a month lol

Life is busy now and my daughter still wakes most nights making it hard, my hubby works away some days now aswell making it hard to commit to that schedule. I enjoyed the control of temping seeing I'd ovulated but just tricky this time

I also took omega 3,6,9 supplements they are very good for fertility & hormone balance the month my daughter was conceived I'm considering getting some more if I'm not pregnant this month

citrusfruit Mar 13th, 2017 16:58 PM

Oh right I didn't know that about the vits. I'm meant to just be taking folic acid but I'm terrible at remembering! That must be hard still having night wakings, my son was an awful sleeper for about a year but has mostly been sleeping through since about 14 months or so. My temps seem pretty much on a par with last time so far so hopefully will have a nice clear o date. And totally agree about finding time/energy to actually dtd!

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