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mummy_smurf2b Mar 16th, 2017 04:20 AM

When would i get bfp??
So here i am posting again lol its so frustrating that i still have no definate answer whats goin on. For anyone who doesnt know basically i had loads of symptoms during the tww too many. Then i expected af to show either last Saturday or last sunday but i started bleeding on the Saturday. However it was different to my normal as usually id get 1day light/spotting then one day medium then one day spotting but i had 1st day frequently goin to urinate (never had that before) saw breasts throughout the bleedin and still happens now (again unusual) the only af symptoms i ever had are occasionally cramps.anyway the first day was a mix of light and spotting second im not sure as it never ever came out wen urinating only there wen wipe but i did fill one pad roughly then 2days spotting which kept changin colour as it seemed pink or orange but on the second day it was id say bright red. But whats odd was on the fri i felt 3 sharp pains one after the other for a few seconds some where near my pelvic bone. Its making me think it was either break through bleed or implantation. The bleed stopped sum time in the night tuesday although tissue still had hint of colour weds morn but nothing since. Also i woke up about 3am tuesday with the worst ever heartburn which i might add i only get it that severe when im preg.
So basically if that was a late implantation (id have been around 13dpo although not accurate as i didnt track o) how soon after the bleed would i get a bfp?

mothertoone Mar 16th, 2017 06:02 AM

Hi there mummy_smurf2b,

If it was implanation bleeding i would think you should get a bfp 3-4 days after. Our bodies do some crazy things even crazier when we are ttc and noticing every little thing.

Late implanation can occur, i mean anything is possible. Fingers crossed this is your month :)

MindUtopia Mar 16th, 2017 06:32 AM

I would base it off how you feel. Both times I've been pregnant, I felt very obviously pregnant, like hot, nauseous, dizzy, couldn't sleep, just off before I tested. The first time I felt like that on the evening of 8 dpo and I tested at 10 dpo (so like a day and half later) and it was clearly positive with test line nearly as dark as the control. The second time I felt exactly the same on the evening of 11dpo and I tested the next morning. It wasn't quite as dark as my first pregnancy, but it was an obvious pink line. So if you are pregnant enough to be be getting pregnancy symptoms, you should be able to get a positive test. I've never had any implantation bleeding though, so no idea about that, but if it's implantation bleeding, I would expect you would see something on a test within a day or two of the start of bleeding (as implantation bleeding usually happens a little bit after implantation anyway).

mummy_smurf2b Mar 16th, 2017 07:31 AM

ok thanks. i do feel pregnant so i shall see what happens over next few days :-)

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