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jade1991 Apr 1st, 2017 02:30 AM

Names for baby number 2 - help!
Okay I know it's only early but I'm finding boys names really hard. There's one name I adore, but OH isn't keen. First of all, how can I make him like it 😂😑 it's Theo. I just love it... but that's another story. We don't seem to agree on any boys names. For a girl I'm pretty sure it'll be Mia or April..

Here's my list.. (these are mine alone not his)

Boys Names


Girls Names


Please share your opinions!!

BecksBabyB Apr 2nd, 2017 13:27 PM

I'd say keep trying with Theo! Just mention it from time to time until baby is born and he may change his mind. Although don't overdue it!

I did this with my son and he ended up with that name, which we both love. It's Leo by the way so I also like that one you've mentioned but I may be a little biased.


ClairAye Apr 2nd, 2017 17:32 PM

Sorry, I just wanted to butt in and say congratulations! I remember you from when we had our firsts! :) :wave:

jade1991 Apr 3rd, 2017 01:05 AM


Originally Posted by ClairAye (Post 38267209)
Sorry, I just wanted to butt in and say congratulations! I remember you from when we had our firsts! :) :wave:

Thank you!!! It's nice to see some familiar... faces? Haha. Hope you're well! Xx

dan-o Apr 4th, 2017 13:00 PM

All popular names at my kids preschool and primary school!

BlueChameleon Apr 4th, 2017 13:49 PM

One of my friends has a Theo, it's a lovely name, I really like it. I like Cole and Rory from your boys list, and from your girls I like Olive and Rosie.

george83 Apr 10th, 2017 09:45 AM

I like theo best from you're list too,

Morgan is very popular where we are if that changes your mind at all? So too is Leo thinking about it

Also just to add I had this issue with ds3 and oh not liking the name I wanted. In the end ds3 was born prematurely by emcs so as they took him to neonatal they asked what is name was and I answered and that was it, Oh didn't dare question it so that's one way of solving the problem :haha:

laura109 Apr 10th, 2017 11:48 AM

Mis is on our future list too.

I like theo and morgan too. Tbh all those boys ones are nice i like toby too xx

laura109 Apr 10th, 2017 11:49 AM


jade1991 Apr 29th, 2017 03:39 AM

I've got great news. Last night OH said hes coming round to Theo. This is music to my ears (not sure if it's because I'm very emotional at the moment so he's trying to make me happy 😂)..

What would you say for a middle name for Theo?

So also for a girl I think it's either Mia, Sofia or Olivia?!

What do you all think?

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