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Babybumpdec May 3rd, 2017 21:53 PM

One tired mummy wish these teeth would come through
Past few weeks we gone from a sleeping all the way through baby to waking in the night I'm so tired it's unreal can't nap in the day as jobs need to done and have school runs for other children Oh helps but he has work so I try and get up with him so he can sleep sometimes he goes bk off to sleep but then I'm awake for a hour drift bk off and he's awake again tonight we are really munching on the hands anyone else just feel so exhausted xxx

BabyGirl999 May 4th, 2017 16:05 PM

I really feel your pain! My 6 month old got his first teeth 2 weeks ago, and the 2 weeks leading up to that were AWFUL!!!! The minute the teeth popped through (both within a week) he was a different baby and honestly I feel like I have a new life!

Hang in there!!

Left wonderin May 5th, 2017 18:37 PM

My 13 month old just got her first tooth !!!!! The last two weeks were torture !! Only 21 more to go ........ God help us !!!!

Isme May 17th, 2017 01:32 AM

I feel you so much. It's been over a month for you... Have things gotten better?

My daughter is almost 6 months old and we are miserable. She started showing signs of "teething" when she was around 2 months... But that was just drooling and hand/stuff chewing. For the past few days it has been insane. She is clearly suffering a lot with it. She gets hysterical sometimes and there is just nothing that helps. She's normally so calm and even if she has a tough moment, nursing will usually help right away. But right now not even nursing helps. She's in so much pain. (Which means she's chomping down hard because she's getting frustrated while nursing... so I'm ALSO in a lot of pain.) I can see and feel her teeth *right* below this surface on the bottom. I'm hoping so much that she feels better once they finally break through. :-/

hopefullys May 17th, 2017 15:42 PM

Have you tried ambusol liquid? It's like an antiseptic liquid it's really good fir babies teething it kind of numbs it for them, definitely give it a go my 7 month old settles better with it when teething x

Babybumpdec May 29th, 2017 18:54 PM

Yep we have that went an brought some 4 months ago when it started but it don't help a teething braceletwhich as helped loads with grumpiness side to it not even sure it's his teeth now he just won't settle in his crib he wakes up put him in his bouncer and he's nods off after ten mins and sleeps for abit longer I don't know what to do anymore surely sleeping in his bouncer is no good for him but it's the only way he will sleep for a period of time I. The night put him bk in the crib and bang 10 mins we are awake xx

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