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spunky84 Aug 10th, 2017 12:36 PM

I hate these last few weeks (reduced movement worries)
I seriously hate the worry with movements, especially these last few weeks. I'm always so embarrassed when I call in.

With DD I went in maybe 4 or 5 times towards the end (starting around 39 weeks). Everything was fine every time, fortunately.

With DS I went in 4 times. The first time they were a little concerned ( 38 weeks) and kept me over night and did a bpp the next morning. Everything looked fine so was sent home. Went back 2 more times and he looked great so left after an hour. The 4th time I went in (39+5) he didn't look great so they delivered him that night. There didn't seem to be any immediate danger, but they found that he had low fluid levels.

With this one I've already gone in once (33+6). Everything looked great aside from some uterine irritability and ended up getting some fluids and spent about 5 hours there. Had a bpp the following week with my OB. Everything looked great. NST with the OB which also looked great.

I've had some days where she's been quiet, which I hate (trying to make the judgement call of whether or not to call the OB to get checked out as I otherwise could probably be calling every few days!).

She was pretty quiet on Saturday, but there was a lot of stress with my mom breaking her wrist, so I was more focused on my mom, but had some orange juice later and she was bouncing around happily after that. Good movements Sunday - Tuesday. She was a little quiet yesterday, but responded pretty well to OJ and food.

Now today I'm just getting a few nudges / squirms (like maybe 10, so far, all day - I've been up for about 7 hours). She's not really responded as usual to anything I've tried so far over the last few hours.

My OB has been great. She reassured me it's okay to call in if I'm worried, but I still feel so guilty and am afraid of wasting everyone's time, especially if everything is okay like it usually is. I have my scheduled c section in 14 days and it truly can't come soon enough as I hate having to worry about movement so much (I was so stressed out over it with DS that I was about to beg for a rcs instead of trying for a vbac because I couldn't deal with it any more -- still ended up with a rcs, but at least my worries were over knowing he was out safely).

I just hate having to try and make the judgement call of whether or not to call when it seems like I could call every few days.

My next appt is on Tuesday (will have another bpp).

I'm hoping she's just in an odd position.

LoveBubble16 Aug 10th, 2017 23:51 PM

Hi huni totally agree.. The worry is horrible. I've been told to never feel embarrassed even if you end up there daily, any concern should be checked and it's always better to be safe than sorry :) so if you're worried, go have your bubba checked xxxx

Sarahcake Aug 11th, 2017 01:36 AM

I got a right telling off once by the midwives when I called in about reduced movements with my son. I was so apologetic about 'wasting their time' and she went mad telling me that it was never ever a waste of their time. Bad things sadly do happen, so to recognise that you may need to see someone is a good thing as plenty won't. If you feel like you need to go in, go in and see them lovely :) I'm sure everything is fine but peace of mind is golden as the stress it'll be causing you is no good to either you or baby x

sarah1980 Aug 11th, 2017 05:52 AM

I completely agree, I have an anterior placenta and have quiet days when he slips behind it and his movements are more "dull" and I hate having to make that call but I always do and they are always so good about it. It's just not worth the risk not calling

Perplexed Aug 12th, 2017 05:48 AM

i know what you mean... i went in a few times with my son's pregnancy due to reduced movements. everything was fine.

had reduced movements near the end with my daughter, too... but at the time i didn't know it was something that i could go in to have checked out... such a scary time.

spunky84 Aug 12th, 2017 13:42 PM

I'm really wondering if it's really positional. I have an anterior placenta with this one, and I've been trying so hard to pay attention.

I've had to consider calling the last few days, but then she'll perk up a bit. She seems to be alternating days right now lol

I stocked up on some OJ to mind if help (though I didn't have any the other day, so Nutella it was lol).

I did notice yesterday that some of the movements I can't feel (inside), but if I press firmly enough, I can feel her from the outside.

I just hate the back and forth as I feel at this point I could be calling every other day lol

My ob is great and reassured me about calling, but i hate when it feels like I could call constantly.

I think i might ask about it at my next appt since I get anxiety about not calling and at the thought of needing to call.

I think i have this part of pregnancy more than any other part for this reason. I know we can find a reason at any time to worry, but to me this is the scariest part.

sheeps24 Aug 13th, 2017 04:55 AM

I had an anterior placenta with my first and went in so many times due to slow movements and it was fine everytime I went in! This time it's not anterior and I can't believe the difference! It's like experiencing it all for the first time! It really does make a difference when the placenta is at the front .. if your ever concerned don't be afraid to go in better safe than sorry .. there's lots for us to worry about neater the end! X

lilmisscaviar Aug 13th, 2017 18:25 PM

I think at this point in pregnancy the baby is so squashed it is hard to feel anything other than an arm or leg moving, sometimes the head bumping the cervix, but there isn't too much of the full body stretching or anything to make you 100% sure that everything is ok, so I completely relate to that. I'm only 34 weeks but have been measuring 4 weeks ahead the entire third trimester so my baby is probably the size of a 38 weeker by now. He literally has NO ROOM and I feel him very rarely these days. I bought an at-home doppler so that I can have some reassurance all is well.

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