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BellaBoo0512 Aug 21st, 2017 04:31 AM

Testing 1st September.. who wants to wait with me?
Hi :)

I'm on my 19th cycle TTC number 2. Currently on a break from Clomid but plan to start taking it again next cycle if I'm not pregnant.

Not sure if I have ovulated or not. I'm murder for testing early but have sworn that this month I won't test until AF is officially late.

My last cycle was 29 days.. they are usually 31 days when I'm on Clomid.

I plan on testing 1st September:)

KG706 Aug 21st, 2017 06:45 AM

Hey BellaBoo, I'm going to be 10dpo on the 30th and was thinking of testing then, but I might be able to muster up the patience to wait to test until 12dpo on the 1st, as I probably should anyway :) So today being only 1dpo for me, I'm already feeling impatient but am trying to fill/schedule this TWW with plenty of chores/work/distractions to make it go by just a little quicker, haha. FX'd for all of us late August/early Sept testers!!

BellaBoo0512 Aug 21st, 2017 10:01 AM

Hey welcome:)

I don't know how many dpo I am or if I have even ovulated but been having a few cramps and increased CM so fingers crossed :) have you been tracking ovulation?

I've got lots to keep me busy with as my son starts school in September so I'm hoping I'll be able to hold out until the 1st. These last few months I've been early testing and driving myself mad!

KG706 Aug 21st, 2017 11:05 AM

Yeah I am fairly certain I actually ovulated late at night on CD15, but when I took my temp at 6am on cd16 it hadn't quite shot up a lot yet as you can see on my chart, but today (cd17 is a definite temp rise). I also had been good about using OPK's this month and had a likely positive by 10am on CD15 that faded to a negative by 9:30pm. This is my first cycle actually TTC so I was pretty good about covering my bases in pinpointing O. But technically, this could be 2 dpo but I'm playing it safe and calling it 1 dpo, haha.

Also, funny you mentioned the cramps and CM... although I am not expecting anything weird or different (symptom-wise) until maybe 8 or 9dpo, I woke up and noticed I have (tmi alert!!) tonsss of very lotion-like CM... It was definitely odd and not typical for me, I have tracked my CM and cervix position for 5 years in the past for birth control, and my CM had never been this abundant or extraordinarily creamy like this... I have such a predictable pattern every month, strange to think this month's different for no reason..?? Also, hubby and I last BD'd on CD14 at bedtime, so it's unlikely it's from semen, I'd say... Oh well. Maybe I'll just need to accept my urge to symptom spot as a way to cope during these next 9-11 days, haha! Here's my chart to date and my OPK sheet as well, you can see the pretty clear positive at cd15 :dust:

I have heard from my mom and best friend who has 2 kids that the drastic increase of super creamy CM is what they noticed during the TWW that ended with a pregnancy, so of course this makes me even more hopeful... How about you BellaBoo, noticing anything else so far? My O cramps are always bad for the 4 days around O time, but are slower to go away this time I've noticed.

bassit25 Aug 21st, 2017 13:45 PM

Hay gals
Would love the distraction in the tww af due 1st so bang on test date don't want to do it earlier as had chemical back in June so trying not to obsess had a cycle to relax I between and now I'm here
Not been temping but I feel so hot all the time even do I work in a chilled environment still felt like I was melting which is strange for me and cramping in my back.
Ttc number 2 to keep my little monster company my not so little due is 5 and keeps asking Santa for a baby so fingers crossed one will be baking by then we'll good luck and fingers crossed

BellaBoo0512 Aug 22nd, 2017 04:42 AM

I don't know anything about charts KG706 but that test on cd15 is definitely positive! I haven't noticed any other symptoms so far. Last week I was getting terrible headaches and I read these can happen around ovulation so it's possible I ovulated earlier than I thought, that's if I even ovulated at all. I did have a stitch like feeling on my left side yesterday but that could be anything.

Welcome bassit25! Sorry to hear about your chemical :( I had one when I was TTC my son and fell pregnant 2 months later so fingers crossed for you. I'm also trying for number 2. My little dude is 4 and keeps asking when is there going to be a baby in mummy's tummy because he wants a little brother. How long have you been trying?

I'm getting awful back ache today but I have a bad back anyway so I think it's down to that.

TTC74 Aug 23rd, 2017 08:41 AM

I'm in! I'll be 9 DPO on 9/1. So, I'll test then. Who am I kidding? I'm a terrible POAS addict. I'll start testing at 7 DPO. lol.

thunderbaby Aug 23rd, 2017 09:48 AM

I'm right there with you!! I'm just finishing up a round of IVF after two years of TTC- two years to the day actually, as of today! Had one fresh 5 day hatching blastocyst transferred August 20 and now I'm going totally bonkers waiting to test. My clinic doesn't have me down for a blood test until September 5 (16 days after transfer?!?! are you kidding me??!?!), but I've decided to POAS on September 1.

BellaBoo0512 Aug 25th, 2017 00:03 AM

Good luck ladies :dust:

Nothing out of the ordinary happening for me really. If I do fall pregnant this cycle my due date will be the same as it was with my son which is a bit weird but I'm hoping it's a good sign! This time 5 years ago I was actually pregnant with my son but didn't know.

Ordered some cheapie off eBay but still aiming to wait until next Friday at least:)

Buffyx Aug 25th, 2017 04:59 AM

Hey everyone! Im due for AF on September 1st. Im on cycle 3 and will be trying to hold out testing, but im not much good at waiting!!

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