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taylorttc Aug 24th, 2017 09:58 AM

Mucus plug or discharge? I feel like I ask this constantly.
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I ask this a lot lately lol!!

Does this look like some plug or just discharge ?
No blood or anything


taylorttc Aug 24th, 2017 14:20 PM


Stargazer33 Aug 24th, 2017 14:37 PM

That looks exactly like how my stuff that is coming out right now and I think it's the mucus plug:winkwink:

Eleanor ace Aug 24th, 2017 15:37 PM

It looks like discharge, although it's hard to tell with photos. What is the consistency like? Tmi, but is it solid and stretchy?

Sarahcake Aug 24th, 2017 15:48 PM

That looks like similar discharge that I get but I get it in smaller quantities. I would imagine its discharge too as in my experience, plug is plentiful, gross and bloody usually :)

HappiestMom Aug 26th, 2017 14:54 PM

Plug was like thick bits of jelly/jello for me

MindUtopia Aug 27th, 2017 15:42 PM

It's hard to say. But personally, I never lost a mucus plug with my first and I went into labour naturally with her at 37 weeks. So it doesn't necessarily mean much anyway.

jamiemcbride1 Aug 29th, 2017 04:19 AM

I'm having this ATM also and I'm guessing it's plug it's stretchy and jellyish not creamy like discharge also I would be worried if my discharge was that colour lol so that's why id say plug I seem to be losing a lot of it lately hopefully all good signs that were near the end now good luck ❤️

nicem815 Aug 29th, 2017 07:12 AM

Hard to tell....I know everyone is different. Some lose it well before labor, some lose it during's one of those frustrating things! Good luck!

LeeLouClare Aug 30th, 2017 10:34 AM

There's a difference between a bloody show and mucus plug. Bloody show is usually bloody and a sign of labour but loosing your mucus plug which mostly happens in bits and can regenerate, isn't nessasarily. I'd say that's mucus plug - discharge is suppose to be clear and watery. I've been loosing mine too.
Hope this helps

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