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puffers121 Oct 3rd, 2017 20:32 PM

Baby kicks! When did you feel them on the outside?
I am loving this so much. I started feeling him swishing around in me starting at 12/13 weeks, but in the last month, it's felt like solid kicks and punches. Now, in the last two weeks, I can feel him from the outside and pretty often!! He's really active and wiggly. My mom and my husband have felt him going at it a few times too. Is it possible he's breech or something? The kicks feel really low and then occasionally by my belly button.

When did you start feeling your LO kicking? For me it is roughly 22 weeks. Does it get harder/stronger (for those that have had more than one) or will it just feel like a larger area of a kick as he grows? It already feels so strong!! It's also making me more aware that he's there too and growing <3 I'm a little more paranoid of squishing him somehow when sleeping or fearing that he's uncomfortable and that's why he's wiggling so much!


jaxntango Oct 3rd, 2017 22:00 PM

I'm 26 weeks and the movement has gotten much stronger since 22 wks and way more frequent. I can now feel distinct body parts. Sometimes he moves and I feel a hard little bone sticking out which feels like a knee or something. At 22 wks it felt a lot more like taping and I mainly felt him in the morning and evening. I now feel him throughout the day, although if I'm active it's harder to nice. I feel a lot more rolling and pressure from him moving. I felt him on the outside around 19 weeks.

MindUtopia Oct 4th, 2017 02:10 AM

I felt movement with this one (my 2nd) from 11 weeks and got a kick on the outside at 20 weeks. It's very normal for it to be low as they are generally still pretty low down in your pelvis at this point and they also move all around (so transverse and breech perfectly normal). They do get stronger and less comfortable as you go on and also your uterus moves up (at 20 weeks the top is at your belly button) until you get them right under your ribs. You'll eventually be cursing those blows to the rib at about 3am every morning!

Wish2BMom Oct 4th, 2017 14:29 PM

I have 2 boys (or monkeys, or ninjas...), due the day before you, and I've felt them for a few weeks now, from the outside. I felt the buzzing at first, probably around 14 weeks, where I wasn't sure if it was that or gas or my imagination. Then by probably 18 weeks, I was sure it was them.
I visited my family the weekend of 9/23 (so 21+ weeks) and they were able to feel them moving too. I have been able to see it from around then too, if not a little earlier. Before my Mom felt them, we were getting pedis and I pointed to my belly and it popped up for her! :cloud9:
Like you, I'm absolutely LOVING this and cherishing so much before the dreaded rib kicks! Mine can also be super low too, to the point where I had to look up if I was harming them b/c they kick back when I sit too far up, but seems they still have plenty of room and will not be harmed by us!

Good luck to you!

StaceyKor Oct 4th, 2017 16:28 PM

I'm almost 19 weeks and this past week I have felt quite a few kicks on the outside. DH has felt kicks too. The kicks are still very low but I have an anterior placenta so I don't expect to feel much higher up for a wee while. Right now my placenta is sitting across my stomach in line with my belly button so can't feel anything in that area xx

nnaime Oct 5th, 2017 23:15 PM

As a plus size ftm I felt the baby outside at 23 weeks

puffers121 Oct 7th, 2017 09:17 AM

I'm now feeling him roll around too - getting even stronger and higher up!! Still enjoying this! The other day he barely kicked my stomach, but I noticed that other various organs seemed to hurt randomly, so he must have been facing that direction. It's making me anxious to meet him, but obviously after lots more weeks baking in there :) I'm definitely filled with wonderment over what he's doing in there and wondering what he looks like!

Wish2BMom Oct 9th, 2017 07:49 AM

I'm at 24 weeks today and over the weekend I did a TON of walking (girls trip to NYC). When I finally laid down Sat night, my stomach was a bunch of pops and full-on waves! 'Filled with wonderment' is the best way to describe it - I couldn't stop watching them moving around. I love it so much!!

nordicpixie83 Oct 9th, 2017 15:01 PM

I felt movements from 11 ish weeks . DH felt one kick at 16wks but it Was a one off . Every time he touches me now baby lies still :haha: . Last night I could see little kicks just above my belly button. :cloud9:

060509.x Oct 12th, 2017 09:45 AM

I am 19+2 and last night my OH felt kicks from the outside! It wasn't until way after 20 weeks that he felt DD!

I was beginning to think I had an anterior placenta again as movements were very faint but I don't think so now!

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