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Tripltemum3 Mar 2nd, 2018 07:03 AM

Planned on waiting but pregnancy scare has made me eager ! Anyone else?
Hi Ladies

I havent posted in this forum for such a long time . ( not since having my triplets in 2012) We have always talked about having another baby as wed always wanted 4 . But I have been on the microgynon pill since my 6 week check up after having the trio. This month on the pill , i was given antibiotics to take which i started 2 days before my 7 pill free break - 3 days later so 2 days into the pill free break , I had the largest amount of EWCM i think I have ever seen in my life - we had had sex the day before , and 3 days after this I had the exact same EWCM again !

we joked about it being the month that the pill fails and we end up with a surprise baby but ive genuinly spent the last 2 weeks subconciously feeling a bit pregnant :shrug: I had 3 days of cramping and some light headedness before that . now my boobs are a bit sore and ive got a wierd feeling right at the bottom of my tummy . ive taken some HPTS to be on the safe side and they have all come out negative. ( pharmacy adviced still taking the pill as a pregnancy was unlikely ) and ive still got 6 pills left to take. But now ive had this little episode - im gutted that its not positive. i know that sounds silly as we hadnt even been trying but genuinly gutted were not.

has anyone else felt like the waiting is too far away???

babycrazy1706 Mar 3rd, 2018 14:55 PM

It could still be possible. Wait a few more days. Good luck xx

Tripltemum3 Mar 4th, 2018 14:33 PM

Thanks ! Am going to retest tomorrow morning ! If not then we are still coming off of the pill this month anyway - mostly to
Give my body a break
Before we try again x

babycrazy1706 Mar 4th, 2018 16:14 PM

Fingers crossed xx

Tripltemum3 Mar 5th, 2018 02:10 AM

Did another one this morning but it was still a bfn . ( how on earth can you get a flu when your up during the night peeing ��) I’m guessing it would have shown by now if I was so I’m hoping that coming off the pill will at least regulate me enough to see when I’m actually properly ovulating ! Xx

MeMeBear Mar 5th, 2018 14:03 PM

This happened to me and my SO last month. We had thought I could possibly be pregnant since I was: fatigued, nausea throughout the day, had a decreased appetite, was cramping, and had frequent urination.

I tested later that day to a BFN. :( Both the SO and I were really disappointed and it only kick started us into wanting to start TTC but we're waiting for our "close the gap" move at the end of the year. October/November 2018 cannot come soon enough.

Just know you're not alone sister!

Tripltemum3 Mar 5th, 2018 15:10 PM

thanks MeMebear !

I got some test results back from my doctor this morning that said that i have PCOS ! we had problems conceiving our boys , and had to use clomid but was just told that we had ' unexplained infertility' . Although the PCOS diagnosis makes a lot of sence now given recent symptoms and ones even from years ago.

she did say to me that the chances are most likely that if i wanted to have more children then I would need to go back for more fertility treatment and that the chances ofme doing so naturally were less slim but not impossible . Think now were going to just come off the pill and if it happens then it happens . x

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