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Guidedbylight Mar 30th, 2018 18:43 PM

6-7 week ultrasound - yolk sac but no fetal pole
Hi 😊 I had a miscarriage on the 8th of Feb this year, and straight after conceived again, (had a positive OPK on the 25th of Feb). Due to a previous ectopic I had an early ultrasound scan on the 23rd of March (6w 1d since my miscarriage) and they saw a gestational sac through an abdominal scan, they had trouble with an internal one and mentioned I have a very tilted uterus

I went back 6 days later (yesterday) and this time it picked up a yolk sac too and the doctor was very confident it was progressing well, but he couldn't find a fetal pole 😟 the yolk sac was clear as day on the abdominal scan but I don't think he saw much on the internal? I have a follow up scan in 2 weeks but I'm driving myself crazy with worry. He said had it been a few days later he thinks he would see the fetal pole which gives me hope!

My symptoms are REALLY bad and i'm nauseous most of day and I've been sick in the mornings for the last 3 days. My boobs are sore but a bit less painful than a few days ago? I've had no spotting or pain

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I find it weird how abdominal scans are picking up more for me? The doctor really isn't worried in the slightest but I am 😩

EMSwife1124 Mar 30th, 2018 20:44 PM

First off, so sorry for your mc!

I havenít experienced it but I have heard of many people who donít see much until after the 7 week mark.

I know 2 weeks is a long time to wait but Iíll keep you in my thoughts!

Scout Mar 30th, 2018 20:44 PM

No personal experience, but I've read, more than once, that a tilted uterus can make it hard to see everything early on. You might find some posts on here if you search.

My boob pain fluctuated when I was pregnant. Also, I was horribly nauseated from 4 weeks and then suddenly at just over 6 weeks it went away completely. But then came back 3 days later. Just pointing out that symptoms can come and go.

Good luck.

Brightxeyes Mar 31st, 2018 03:40 AM

Exactly the same situation! I went for a follow up at what I would have thought was 7 weeks and they just about saw the tiniest foetal pole. It was so so tiny and said theyíre guessing 6-7 weeks.

It makes it hard to measure even with an internal scan when youíre tilted backwards.

The first scan she almost couldnít find the yolk sac until the last moment when she was about to give up n say come back for a follow up. She saw nothing on the abdominal both times, had to do an internal and it took a while to find the right angle. It very easy for baby to hide if you canít get the right angle!

Itís very difficult to see much at 6 weeks, and even harder to see much with a tilted uterus even at 7 weeks. Itís best to stay positive until your next follow up!

Seeing a yolk sac is good progression n more than likely they saw something attached to the yolksac at 6-7!

The scan I had at 6-7 weeks was SO much smaller than my sons scan at 7-8 weeks. I could hardly tell what was what!

Keep us updated x

Guidedbylight Apr 3rd, 2018 06:29 AM

Thanks everyone :)

My boob pains still there, maybe not 100% as bad as it was but definitely tender and they're getting bigger :) nausea is still awful but I'm hoping it's all good!

Good to see so many positive stories :) I am feeling really positive, just the wait is so hard :(

babifever Apr 4th, 2018 08:09 AM

You should truly see heartbeat between 6-7 weeks always , but sometimes who knows the accuracy of your dates. If he seen a fetal pole seems like he would bring you in in 1 week, not 2? Heartbeat
SHOULD be soon after seeing fetal pole....

Read more of my story if you like, I went through same last March (mc), and sort of now but better progression. Saturday no hb, Monday hb :) still gotta go back in 1 week.

Wishing you the best. Stay up.

Brightxeyes Apr 4th, 2018 08:26 AM

babifever, it's still very difficult with a tilted uterus to see much at all, you really have to get the right angle and it's horrible when they're rotating that ultra sound stick all around inside you just to find the baby. My first scan she literally was about to say she could see nothing, and turned the screen to me, I lifted my head/neck to see better and it must have adjusted something down there with my movement and suddenly a gestational sac and yolk sac was visible. From my dates I would have been a day or two over 6 weeks at this first scan.
Just adding that as sometimes you can be confident on your dates but the tilted uterus can make progression of baby that bit smaller and hard to judge.

We BARELY saw the flicker of a heartbeat and that was at my follow up scan 8 days later, but said they thought I was more 6-7 weeks instead of over 7. It also depends where baby has implanted, and may make seeing even more difficult. In comparison to the scan I had with my son at 7 weeks it was considerably tinier than expected and they really couldn't be sure on dating and made it clear it would be an estimate and only the 12 week scan could give me a better idea once the uterus starts to pop back forward. I didn't have a tilted uterus with my son, so I think that made all the difference with visibility and size when it comes to a really early scan.

Guidedbylight, I am surprised you're having to wait 2 weeks, but I guess it may make it clearer with the tilted uterus if a little longer time has passed! An abdominal scan will probably be more likely on the next one too.

happycupcake Apr 6th, 2018 05:13 AM

I would try not to worry too much, OP. It sounds as if your body is working against seeing this little one clearly at the moment and I think Brightxeyes explains this wonderfully!
It's hard to see much with abdominal scans this early, so the fact you have seen what you have I think is really encouraging. Even with transvaginal scans sometimes they won't see a hb yet. I have heard many a time women saying they didn't see a hb until a couple of weeks past 6 weeks, when they returned for a follow up. I think the reason they ask you to wait that long is because they can see they're in the right place, they're developing, so giving it a little longer than a few days gives you and them more chance of seeing the hb next time

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