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Newmommy2323 Jul 7th, 2018 23:40 PM

I was with guy A a few times in April the 17th was the last time. I had light bleeding first week of may took pregnancy test may 8th and it was negative I then was with guy B all of may. Found out I was pregnant June 9th. Had a scan June 26th and measured 8 weeks. Told I concieved may 15th. Due date feb 5th 2018. Delivered feb 1st. Is it possible I could of got pregnant from Guy A? Iím going to get dna test but wanting opinions until I get results

HappyNester Jul 8th, 2018 12:14 PM

If your last time with guy A was on April 17th and doctors are saying you conceived on May 15th, its probably highly unlikely that that is is guy A.

Flueky88 Jul 8th, 2018 12:46 PM

By your scan measurements it's impossible to have been guy A. You conceived with guy B.

Newmommy2323 Jul 8th, 2018 13:29 PM

I also had a 14 week scan that put me at 13 weeks 5 days and an 18 week 5 days scan that put me at 18 weeks 4 days. So I really thought I concieved in May I wasnít sure if my lmp of may 1st was a real period tho or if it was early pregnancy bleeding but if it was then the scan definitely would show Iím further along? Or does me saying my lmp was may 1st influence the scans in anyway? Iím only questioning all this because I feel like my baby looks like guy A. But Iím so confused how it could be guy A when I got a negative test on may 8th 3 weeks after sex. And that means I delivered at 43 weeks and 3 days if I concieved in April

Flueky88 Jul 8th, 2018 14:49 PM

The early scan is more accurate. They tend to grow at the same pace in the early days, but later on it's more related to genetics. I tracked with my first so I know the date I ovulated. My scan at 7 weeks was 7wk 1 day so very accurate. At 19 weeks she was measuring more than 20 weeks. My husband and I are tall so she was bigger than most babies at her age.

If you had conceived in April with guy A and baby measured so small in June it wouldn't have been a viable pregnancy.

Newmommy2323 Jul 9th, 2018 09:36 AM

If I didnít have a real period is it still possible for the scan to line up to May 1st since thatís when I told them I thought I had some bleeding?

Flueky88 Jul 9th, 2018 10:40 AM

The scan dates have nothing to do with lmp. It is based on the size of the baby. All babies early on have same size by gestational age. If you didn't have a real period then you must have ovulated after that irregular bleeding.

AliJo Jul 9th, 2018 14:29 PM

I would definitely say you conceived with guy B.

Often times babies (not always) show signs of being post-term as well. Some can be health issues or just signs of being further along like there being very very little to no vernix caseosa or lanugo. Health related issues can be meconium aspiration and low amniotic fluid, among others. So if your baby came out healthy and you had a healthy pregnancy till the very end there is even a lower chance it was at 43+ weeks.

I think the only way you are going to be sure is to have the DNA testing done, but I honestly see no chance of it being guy A.

Best of luck!

Newmommy2323 Jul 9th, 2018 16:55 PM

I had a very healthy pregnancy beginning to end I donít think my baby had any Vernix tho. After my water broke and I was in the hospital for hours they said my fluid was kinda low but never was told that before I was in labor

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