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LillyTame Jan 23rd, 2010 15:53 PM

AF like symptoms but pregnant
Hello Ladies,

I was just wondering how many of you had AF like symptoms (cramps, mood swings, tender breast, etc.) but got a BFP anyway?

How long did those symptoms last after you found out you were +ive?

elainegee Jan 23rd, 2010 16:05 PM

i know i have had my baby but thought i would let you know that both times with my son and daughter i had crampy like pains one week after conception and the same when my period would be due. However, something told me they were different AF pains, if you get what i mean, they weren't as strong as some months i have had period cramps and each time my boobs hurt so much more than any other times. I have only ever experienced two pregnancy and each time it felt the same before hand. My AF pains continued for the first few weeks into pregnancy, along with the bloatyness feeling too.

wannabemamma Jan 23rd, 2010 16:37 PM

I still ge them every now and then, but certainly I had them most of the time between wks 4 and 7 I think.

Annabel Jan 23rd, 2010 16:43 PM

Thanks ladies, its reassuring to know this! I keep knicker checking!! Driving me crazy!!:wacko:
annabel x

mama2connor Jan 23rd, 2010 16:49 PM

With my first pregnancy i had AF like cramps up until i was about 11 weeks pregnant and was convinced it was going to come. With my last twin pregnancy i had cramps from about 2-3 days before AF was due until approx 13-14 weeks but they died at 16 weeks 3 days. This time i had cramps from 3 days before AF was due until approx 5 n half weeks pregnant. It's completely normal as your uterus is stretching to accommodate baby :)

Shwhattam+1 Jan 23rd, 2010 16:49 PM

I'm going through the exact same thing...everytime i use the washroom i'm almost afraid to see if i'm bleeding. So far everything is ok, and i just keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different and cramps/pains are normal.

Butterfly1984 Jan 23rd, 2010 18:38 PM

My cramps started about 3 days earlier than they would normally and I thought AF was coming early so sulked, it really felt exactly the same!! I had cramps all the time for about 1 or 2 weeks and am still getting them now sometimes!

venusrockstar Jan 24th, 2010 10:54 AM

Hun, the cramping is normal as long as it isn't severe and you're not bleeding. I'm going on 17 weeks and still get period like cramping every once in awhile. I think it's your body adjusting to make room for your baby.

dizzy65 Jan 24th, 2010 11:15 AM

i havent been feeling really crampy ive had little twinges and stuff but nothing like if i was goina get AF

xxdonna1982xx Jan 24th, 2010 11:21 AM

Hi i am new here and i have had cramps for the past wk and no AF just keep thinking she is going to arrive.I only cramp the day before my AF just confused.AF is due this wed-Fri so may test tomorrow.Good luck ladies xxxx

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