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babyloulou May 27th, 2010 03:24 AM

Clomid Club Graduate Buddies
Hi! A buddy thread for all us clomid club goers who have got our bfps!!! X

Edited to add Laura's brill idea of having a roll call on this front page:-

Name:- Louise (babyloulou)
TTC:- 5+ years
Issue:- PCOS (no ovulation) and Male Factor (low motility & morphology)
Tx:- 4th round of Clomid (1st round of 100mg)
EDD:- 23rd Jan 2011
"Benjamin Samuel" born 6th February 2011 (9lb 3.5oz)

Name:- Ellen (rudeollie)
TTC:- 20months
Issue:- PCOS and Low Morph for Hubby
Tx:- 3rd round of clomid at 50mg
EDD:- 26/12/2010
"Pearl Ellen Marta" born on 7th January 2011 (9lb 12.5oz)

Name:- Laura (laura6914)
TTC:- 3.5 years
Issue:- PCOS
Tx:- Break from Clomid- natural cycle
EDD:- 8th Oct 2010
"Shae Terry" born 16th October 2010 :happydance:

Totally unexpected natural BFP
EDD:- 3rd November 2011
Guess the sex:- GIRL

Name:- Suzanne (SBB)
TTC:- 8/9 months
Issue:- long cycles
Tx:- 1st round clomid 50mg
EDD:- Xmas Day 2010 (wow!!)
"Sammuel Hendrix Page" born on 1.1.11 (8lbs 8.6oz)

Totally unexpected natural BFP
Guess the sex:-

Name:- Margaret (TySonNMe)
TTC:- 8 months
Issue:- not ovulating
Tx:- first round Clomid 50mg
EDD:- 16th Nov 2010
"Jackson Anthony" born on 8th November 2010 (8lb 8oz) :happydance:

Name:- Casey (kcw81)
TTC:- 10 months
Issue:- Long cycles
Tx:- 1st round clomid 50mg
EDD:- 10th Jan 2011
"James Tyler" born on 7th January 2011 (7lb 4oz) :happydance:


Name:- Kellie (nursekel)
TTC:- 1 year
Issue:- Endo and Anovulatory cycles.
TX:- 3rd round of Clomid 100mg
EDD: 30th Sept 2010
"Cade William" born 23rd September 2010 :happydance:

Name:- Peach Blossom
TTC:- 2 years 3 months
Issue:- PCO and RMC
Tx:- last round of Clomid
EDD:- 24th Jan 2011
"Lili (little legs) Frances" born 14th January 2011 (5lb 7oz)

Name: Megan (megs79)
TTC: 18 months
Issue: PCOS / not ovulating
Tx: 1st round of Clomid 50mg
EDD: 13th November 2010
"Frida May" born on 14th November 2010 (7lb 15oz)

Name: Heather (Fluffyblue)
TTC: 24 months
Issue: Miscarriage (blood clotting issues) and irregular ovulation, short luteul phase
Tx: 6th Cycle of Clomid 50mg
EDD: 20 Jan 2011
"Oliver Samuel" born 17th January 2011 (8lb 6oz)

Name:- Sandi (reedsgirl1138)
TTC:- 14months
Issue:- unknown(think low progestrone)
Tx:- Prometrium, 500ng B6, 81mg of Baby apspirin
EDD:- 15th April 2011
"Gunner Elisha" born 29th March 2011 (8lb 4oz)

Name: Lisa (lisaf)
TTC: 1 year
Problem: low progesterone
Tx: 5th round of Clomid - first at 100mg
EDD: 5-5-2011
"Daniel Logan" born 10th May 2011 (9lb 15oz)

Name: Chellie (onelildream)
TTC: 9 months
Problem: 3 miscarriages, 1 D&C, 40 day cycles
Tx: 2nd round of clomid at 50mg
EDD: May 11th 2011
"Connor David" born 9th May 2011 (7lb 9oz)

Another Clomid success
Guess the sex:-

Name: Cat (Britt11)
TTC: 15 months
Problem: Highish FSH for me and very low morphology for DH
Tx: tried 5 IUIs and 4 rounds of clomid, but got a natural BFP waiting for IVF
EDD: June 30, 2011
"Kinley Paige" born on 8th July 2011 (7lb 12oz)
Kinley is still very poorly in NICU and we are all praying and sending her all the love we can to get better for her Mummy! :hugs:


Name: Veronique (Euronova)
TTC: 1 year
Problem: not ovulating/long cycles
Tx: first round of clomid 50mg
EDD: 24th June 2012
Sex: BOY

Name: Caz (Caznbob)
Guess the sex:

laura6914 May 27th, 2010 04:32 AM

YEY :yipee:

Thanks for the link hun, How about Rudi. Will she be coming back on once she is allowed?


SBB May 27th, 2010 04:36 AM

Hey :wave:

Well done lou lou good idea!

Hope everyone is ok? How you feeling loulou?

I had my 9 week scan on Monday, I had a bit of bleeding over the weekend so was worried, but it was all great! Bubs measured 24.8mm and was bouncing around!
My ovary has gone down a bit too so that's great... Probably won't need to have it drained which is good!

Hope ollie is back soon :( she's on holiday this week I think so hopefully she's chilling out and enjoying herself!
X x x

babyloulou May 27th, 2010 04:37 AM

I think so yes- I've been in email contact with her and she said so. I said I'd set us up a nice thread for us for when she's back! I think she'll like this one if we're all chatting in it! She's on hols this week so I'll tell her when she's back xx

babyloulou May 27th, 2010 04:38 AM

Hey SBB:thumbup: glad the scan went well! I can't wait for my first scan!

laura6914 May 27th, 2010 04:40 AM

i thik its a fantastic idea Lou.

hey SBB and huge congratulations hun. Glad the bleeding was nothing to worry about.

SBB May 27th, 2010 05:23 AM

Thanks Laura :D

When is your first scan Loulou, will you get an early one?

x x x

SBB May 27th, 2010 05:24 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is my pic by the way :D

x x x

babyloulou May 27th, 2010 05:28 AM

Ahhh! That is loads clearer than I imagined at 9 weeks! Amazing!!!

I have my booking appt at 8 weeks- midwife will arrange my 12 week scan then. Between that I have a 10 week scan at my FS's clinic- nothing until then!

I have worried myself again today! I got 2-3 weeks on a Clearblue conception indicator about 8 days ago- so I was sure it would say 3+ weeks now! But it still said 2-3 weeks today!!! :-(

laura6914 May 27th, 2010 05:35 AM

that scan pic is amazing SBB,

Lou that happened to me hun so dont worry. They work off the average womans HCG and some rise quicker than others. I got over obsessed and always opened them up to see how dark the lines were. dont worry hunny.


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