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Megg33k Jun 25th, 2010 10:29 AM

Disco Derail! - TTCAL/PAL Discussion and Support!
Okay, girls! June is ending... and July probably doesn't want us to turn their thread into our circus! Feel free to come turn THIS THREAD into a circus instead! :thumbup:

You know who you are! :winkwink: You too, preggos! You can't escape this DISCO DERAIL!

Celebrating with:

:baby: vickyd :bfp: :pink: - 1st Disco Baby!
:baby: VGibs :bfp: :pink: - 2nd Disco Baby!
:baby: Heulyn :bfp: :yellow: turned :pink: - 3rd Disco Baby!
:baby: msarkozi :bfp: :blue: - 4th Disco Baby!
:baby: roonsma :bfp: :yellow: turned :blue: - 5th Disco Baby!
:baby: Jaymes :bfp: :pink: - 6th Disco Baby!
:baby: prgirl_cesca :bfp: :yellow: turned :blue: - 7th Disco Baby!
:baby: aussiettc :bfp: :yellow: turned :pink: - 8th Disco Baby!
:baby: cazza22 :bfp: :blue: - 9th Disco Baby!
:baby: Sassy_TTC :bfp: :yellow: turned :pink: - 10th Disco Baby!
:baby: Lawa :bfp: :pink: - 11th Disco Baby!
:baby: yogi77 :bfp: :pink: - 12th Disco Baby!
:baby: LucyJ :bfp: :blue: - 13th Disco Baby!
:baby: sequeena :bfp: :blue: - 14th Disco Baby!
:baby: NatoPMT :bfp: :pink: - 15th Disco Baby!
:baby: grandbleu :bfp: :blue: - 16th Disco Baby!
:baby: hoping:) :bfp: :pink: - 17th Disco Baby!
:baby: Allie84 :bfp: :blue: - 18th Disco Baby!
:baby: pregoinnorge :bfp: :pink: - 19th Disco Baby!
:baby: babywanted73 :bfp: :yellow: turned :blue: - 20th Disco Baby!
:baby: sugarlove :bfp: :yellow: turned :pink: - 21st Disco Baby!
:baby: Sassy_TTC :bfp: :blue: - 22nd Disco Baby!
:baby: cazza22 :bfp: :pink: - 23rd Disco Baby!
:baby: Round2 :bfp: :blue: - 24th Disco Baby!
:baby: heart tree :bfp: :pink: - 25th Disco Baby!

SMFirst :bfp:
jenny25 :bfp: :blue:
Jaymes :bfp:
whyme :bfp:

Waiting with:


Derail Dictionary:

"Free Fred" = FRER
"BooFN" = BFN
"BoomFP" = BFP

What's Happening:

Not currently updated..

Heulyn Jun 25th, 2010 11:39 AM

Well then, I'll continue on here :)


Originally Posted by Megg33k (Post 5899969)

Originally Posted by Heulyn (Post 5899858)
To answer everyone's confusion:

Me and Will have been TTC for almost a year now, and when we lost our second baby, I decided to go back on my pill.
So no, we weren't actively trying to concieve this time, but we had decided after I stopped my pill that we would go back to NTNP... but it looks like it might be a bit late for that xD

Ohhhhhhhhh! Gotcha! Well, that makes perfect sense, actually! I do hope its a bit late for that! :) I think I already said so in my "race" thread... but I'm so sorry to hear about your losses! :hugs:

Teehee... I confuse people quite a bit, I wouldn't worry.
And thanks, hopefully this one will be 3rd time lucky, eh? :hugs:

msarkozi Jun 25th, 2010 11:39 AM

thanks for starting the group meg:)
and oh look, there is your line that says preggos too, lol!

msarkozi Jun 25th, 2010 11:40 AM

Heulyn - they do say third times a charm :) I am hoping for you too!

Heulyn Jun 25th, 2010 11:45 AM

Thank yooouu :happydance:

My back is killing me... hope it's a sign!

vickyd Jun 25th, 2010 11:56 AM

Meggles i hope the circus description was not for my benefit!!! I mean just cause im oozing grapefruit concentrate does not make me some kind of circus freak!!!!
Im sure youre new cycle will cooperate, now that there a new "cycle sheriff" in town, moi!

heulyn i still dont get what youre on about, but im a bit thick so no need to explain further since im sure all the rest understood perfectly...

I left work early today, and since its cooler (only 35 degrees today) thought id shimmy down to the gym. so i get into this conversation with the trainer, which started off with her getting on my case for attending only twice this week...I tried to explain to her the concept of "work" and how since the gym closes at 8.30 and only opens 10-12 on Sat. i cant always make it on time. She replied : "Vicky, you have to get your priorities straight!!" WTF???? So my priority should be tight buns????? Thats it ive had it with Adolf, im quitting Curves and finding a gym better suited to my free spirit!

Anyone got any interesting plans for the weekend, and i dont mean peeing on a stick ok?

cazza22 Jun 25th, 2010 12:14 PM

Hey girls im here to join the circus xxxxxxxxxx just posted in our June thread, have we left that one now?? Think there still a few peeps left to test isnt there? Im hopeing & praying for all the rest of our june testers clan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Megg33k Jun 25th, 2010 12:20 PM

Yeah, we're not out of that one... but I wanted this one up and running before the end of June. Never want to have to scramble to find a new home! :winkwink:

Sassy_TTC Jun 25th, 2010 12:24 PM

YAY for our new home and YAY for us secretly preggo people still being welcome!

Can't wait to see what July brings, lots of BFP's please, our next thread should be "Disco testers are all knocked up".xxx

Allie84 Jun 25th, 2010 12:27 PM

I don't think I'm an official Disco Tester yet but I HAVE been partaking in the June tester's thread/circus so may I also join you over here? :flower:

Oooh, I'd also like my cycle to get kicked in the nuts, please. I'm having AF style cramps today and think she's on her way....early! This cycle was just a mess .

:hugs: and :dust: for July to everyone who's out this month.

Megg, that is some crazy disco bling.

vicky, it sounds like your trainer is crazy. I LOLed at the Adolf nickname....

Guess my plans for weekend involve POAS some more. I bought a Clearblue 3-pack :blush:. Assuming AF doesn't arrive, that is!

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