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BabiesOneDay Jun 26th, 2010 15:24 PM

How long after implantation to get + HPT?
Well, I took an at home UTI test (if you read my prior posts you know I've been suspecting pregnancy and that I get UTI's in every pregnancy I've ever had, five of which began with my finding I had a UTI before I even got a positive preg test result) and so.. the home test says I do indeed have a UTI.

But hpt's all still say neg.
Unsure when my period is due since it was early last month but I've been counting no longer than 28 days away since it's never been longer than that really. Period was June 3 so next would be July 1 at latest.
I tried the FRER 6 day early test this morning and it was neg too. Tried a cheap one from the market. Also neg. Beginning to really wonder here. I thought that pretty much as soon as you were having symptoms (thus, implantation had occurred) you could test. If I'm preg, I think I've def implanted by now as the UTI symptoms (unfortunately only a symptom for me, not pregnant women in general) for two days now and the past three days my nipples went from more sensitive to now kind of sore. Gassy for about a week now. Anyone use the new 6 day FRER's? I know it says only 68% get their + 6 days before. Guess I'll keep testing!

Weewendyg Jun 26th, 2010 15:28 PM

Hi Babies...

I have always been told that most women will not get a "+" until they are 12-14dpo and some won't get a positive until 15-16dpo.

I am now 12dpo and holding out hope. I have been using cheap cassette tests but have an FRER for tomorrow when I will be 13dpo.

Sounds like you might just be too early!!

Good luck....

kafs78 Jun 26th, 2010 16:06 PM

i got a faint + at 13dpo, then a strong + at 15dpo both with a frer

BabiesOneDay Jun 26th, 2010 16:49 PM


Originally Posted by kafs78 (Post 5913355)
i got a faint + at 13dpo, then a strong + at 15dpo both with a frer

Was it the 5 or 6 day early one?

jeeplover2 Jun 26th, 2010 17:01 PM

Well I might have O'd twice this month. Once on the 11th, then on the 15th; I'm really not sure. I'm going to ask my doc about it when I schedule my appointment. Anyway, I went to the doc thinking I had a bladder infection, which I didn't. I was going with the 15th because my BBT rose on the 16th. If that is actually the day I O'd at 6dpo-negative, 8dpo (labwork) - negative, 10dpo - :bfp:! So I'd say 6 days after implantation is when I got a positive. If I O'd on the 11th, then add 4 days to all those numbers. I'm getting nervous that I O'd twice. On both days I had a high & open cervix, EWCM, & pain in my right ovary. Normally my boobs don't get sore until after I O. They got sore on the 13th, right in between the two times I think I O'd.

So.... test at 10dpo, & if it's not a :bfp:, test again at 14dpo. :dust:

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