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Magoo.2006 Aug 8th, 2010 07:50 AM

Adjusting from having one to two kids.
Hi ladies,

I wanted to know from those who recently gave birth to their second child, how they have been adjusting to the new addition.

What is current family situation?

My husband works shifts, mostly nights and normally about 50 hours a week. I find that I am alone most of the time to take care of the kids so that had a big impact.

My heldest son's daycare closed for two weeks on the day that my new son was born so that too made a big difference too. Thankfully, the open again tomorrow! Yeah! --- But my brother and sister in law will be visiting for two days... (I just want to rest!)

I think that I have been handling things pretty well although I am very tired. I do find myself wishing for more free time so I can take care of myself a bit more. Taking care of my big boy doesn't allow me to sleep when baby is down for a nap and that makes me exausted. I also find that I cannot give him as much of my attention since his little brother has an ever changing BF Schedule and that makes me feel guilty.

I feel bad for even thinking this, but I am looking forward to next week when I spend my days with just one kid (at least for most of the day) and that I can rest and get the housework done (faster anyway).

What is your experience so far?

xpinkpandax Aug 8th, 2010 07:56 AM

I found it ALOT of work with 2 at the beginning but as time went by I got used to it and got myself into a routine, I literally do everything myself even when my partner is home the only thing he does is put my 3yr old to bed. It is still stressful sometimes when I'm on my own but I just try to get on with it, some days just getting out of the house takes forever. But things have got easier and it will for you too.

The Catster Aug 8th, 2010 11:02 AM

My new daughter is 3 weeks old and only today I have managed to get time to take a nice relaxing Fengal bath! (I have had quick showers tho! lol)

My DH has started not to be as helpful as he was with the baby, but he is magic with our eldest daughter who is nearly 5 yrs old. Its as though I am seeing to Georgia and he plays with Grace...I feel a little sly on Grace, but she seems to understand. DH is sleeping in Grace's bed and Grace is in with me, and Georgia by my side in her moses basket.
To make matters worse we have all got a cold, and DH has of course got it the worst, man flu hmmm! And he has sort of left me to everything in these last few days. This cold has also affected his back!? I think he has puled a muscle or got a trapped nerve, as he has been laying a new patio...but oh my, don't we all know it! Everytime he moves, all the huffing and ouching, such a mard arse!!! Men! lol

DH goes back to work after his paternity leave tomorrow, and I am sort of looking forward to it so I can get into a routine without him getting under my feet. He is a cleaning freak and it gets on my nerves when I just want to chillax!!!

So maybe sometimes having a bit of help from your DH is over-rated now I have 2 LO's. I am possibly getting more help from Grace!! lol


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