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Barbles Sep 21st, 2010 09:09 AM

Hurry up December.......
I know its not really that far away but still I want it to hurry up so I can get on with the baby making!!!

I should ov xmas day if AF stays regular up until then so it would be amazing to fall pg the first month.

Anyone else waiting til December? I cant remember if there was a thread or not.


curly123 Sep 21st, 2010 09:54 AM

Hello hun!
I am technically waiting til dec yes - had mirena coil removed last week so need to allow body to build lining of womb back up - lil worried though as had it in for having had endometriosis so hopefully cycle won't take too long to get to normal so i can try without endo coming back!!

DOes that even make sense?? Did in my head! :}
how come you're waiting til dec??


Barbles Sep 21st, 2010 10:12 AM

I had the coil and had mine removed in May as it was falling out and I ovulated that first month!! Hopefully you wont have too many problems.

We are waiting as we are building a house so OH wants it to be finished before we try, it should be finished by Feb/Mar but I have managed to blag him to try earlier. He is very prone to changing his mind though but he has agreed for December now.

I cant wait, eek!!

proud_mum Sep 21st, 2010 11:33 AM

I'm waiting for December too. I came off mIcrogynon pill at end of August so hoping periods will have some normality by then, if not still think we'll try for then :) It' like a xmas countdown lol

mrspjlover Sep 21st, 2010 12:22 PM

Hi Barbles, Me and DH are waiting till December as we are going on holiday to OZ in early feb and don't want to be more than 3 months when we go because you never know maybe we will be super lucky and get our BFP straight away.

Hoping for the Christmas Festivities to help with happy baby making dust.

Good luck x

Clareybeary Sep 21st, 2010 12:35 PM

Hi there. Yes, there is a December thread on here somewhere. We're waiting til December as DH wants a September baby or one born shortly after. Sporty reasons :shrug: . I am coming off Microgynon 30 pill on Friday 3rd Dec and will start TTC straight away (after withdrawl bleed which should be the following Fri), every other day. I'm hoping to catch my most fertile period before my AF goes out of whack!!!! I was very regular before the pill if I remember rightly. Does anyone know roughly (and I know it's different for everyone) how long it takes to ovulate after coming off the pill. I know that they say that technically you can release an egg straight away after the one week break if you miss your next first pill in the pack but is this true?

Hodge-Podge Sep 21st, 2010 13:53 PM

:hi: Hello! We're planning on January but I believe we may go ahead and start trying in December. Not totally sure though! :D

Barbles Sep 21st, 2010 14:47 PM

Clarey I missed a couple of pills and now have a 2 and half year old so there is a chance you could ovulate straight away!! I was on the mini pill though so didnt have the week break and didnt have regular periods on it either (didnt find out I was pregnant until I was nearly 7 weeks because of that lol).

I would love to get pregnant the first month, all my familys birthdays are around Xmas and my DD is New years Eve so to get pregnant a round Xmas would make it special as they would still sort of be a Xmas baby. Plus if I was due in September I would be able to have the summer off with Phoebe as I would save my holidays and take 5 weeks maternity. Got it all planned I have :haha:

curly123 Sep 22nd, 2010 02:38 AM

Clareybarey - so DP also wants a sept baby for sporty reasons! (a
Dec is a month for many - Ha!
Barbles - Thanks for the tip re OV hopefully won't be out of sync! And hope the building is going well!
Dust all round!

Jennifaerie Sep 22nd, 2010 06:04 AM

Another December TTCer reporting for duty!

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