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bmwright Oct 20th, 2010 23:26 PM

Creamy CM
So I am 6dpo today and last night I had TONS of creamy CM, then today through the day I had a little but not way too much, and tonight I've had TONS again. I know a lot of people say that they had lots of CM before their BFP, but could this be a sign this early for me? If not, what else could be causing it? I am so confused! Any advice would be GREAT! :)

Mrs.iwnamkabb Oct 20th, 2010 23:49 PM

I just noticed some today. Well an increase anyways.. 8/9 dpo had pink cm at cervix on 6/7 dpo only noticed us I was checking my cp and pulled out and wiped excess on tissue. Took picture would already have it up here but didn't want to gross everyone out lol. My cm now ha. Yellowish tinge to it.. Earlier today I noticed it wS kind of chunky in texture now is very lotiony. What is the texture to yours, an at 8dpo where should my cervix be? First month charting

bmwright Oct 20th, 2010 23:56 PM

The pink cm sounds promising! It could be from implantation! Lol about the picture! Mine is white and very lotiony. The only other time I have had this has been before O, so I'm hoping it's a good sign!

I'm not sure about the CP because I don't check mine. This is only my 3rd month ttc and I haven't quite figured out how to check it yet. All I've used are OPKs and BBT. The CM that I found was so abundant that I didn't have to look for it, it was just there when I went to the bathroom. I'm really really hoping this is good!

Good luck to you! When are you testing? Let me know how it turns out! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Mrs.iwnamkabb Oct 21st, 2010 00:36 AM

thank you! i just got off work and caved and bout some temptation sticks. FRER... i really want to take one now.. but am going to wait.. i still don't know exact o date.. i was at work last monday. oct-11 and felt this rush of watery discharge, went straight home and babydanced. got to have a big O face and stayed in bed afterwards. Didn't get up to clean up nothing.. lol gross i know but normally i'm straight up in the bathroom.. nopers.. this time i stayed right where i was at all night. did the same the next night.. AHH the chances are so high right now, especially with the pink cm, which has since disappeared... now it's just creamy white/yellowish.. the only thing that worries me is that it's not "copious amounts" externally, just internally.... i'm not having any dc on panties or when wiping. (sry tmi) ahh..
so if i felt that watery rush say 8pm 10-11-2010, is that a good sign that i ovulated, about to ovulate or already did???? hopefully someone can answer that, since i'm not temping, FF can't give me an o date.... eek

bmwright Oct 21st, 2010 10:26 AM

Since you're not temping, I can't be positive either, but it sounds like you may have o'd either the evening that you got that rush or the day after. Some people have EWCM up to a few days before o, though, so it's really hard to tell for sure. On the other hand, I don't think I ever had any at all :/ except for possibly the day of o. I think your pink cm sounds really promising though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck! Be sure to check back and let me know how your tests turn out :)

AndreaFlorida Oct 21st, 2010 10:27 AM

Depends on your body personally I have creamy CM until AF shows her ugly I duno? Depends on if you normally have it or don't normally have it. GL and FX for ya!!

bmwright Oct 21st, 2010 10:47 AM

I don't normally have it after o. In fact the only other time I can remember having it was right before o last cycle. I'm really hoping it's a good thing, but it's probably just my body playing tricks on me :(

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