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Armywife Nov 2nd, 2010 15:09 PM

Boobs in 2nd + pregnancy
I was just wondering if any mummies who are on their 2nd + pregnancies have noticed their boobs are much bigger than in 1st pregnancy? Mine are huge! Seriously, they look like they did when they were engorged after i had Poppy. I'm wondering if it's because they have already filled with milk before or something? They aren't as sore as last time either - although my nipples are agony my actual boobs are just tender.

Am i being ridiculous?! :dohh:

stephwiggy Nov 2nd, 2010 15:11 PM

Yes u are ..:........... no actually mine are the same. And already leaking.

Armywife Nov 2nd, 2010 15:14 PM

Well you know i'm ALWAYS ridiculous! Haaa! Mine are leaking like crazy too! Hope you're ok sweetie, been thinking of you x

S_a_m_m_y Nov 2nd, 2010 15:15 PM

All I can say is mine feel heavy and ready to breastfeed, like you were saying engorged feeling, but not painful

moomoo Nov 2nd, 2010 15:19 PM

Mine feel kinda fluffy?! I cant think of the word :rofl: they are just a bit bigger than normal but I'm getting 4 boobs in my bras?

Saying that, I hadn't long stopped feeding when I fell pg? :shrug:

rocker_mama Nov 2nd, 2010 15:23 PM

Mine are much bigger than they were with my last pregnancy. And they aren't as sore this time around either.

super mummy Nov 2nd, 2010 15:25 PM

Mine have gone huge to. I have gone from a 32b to a 34d :happydance: And im only 4 months :haha: My nipples have gone larger to and they are sore to touch.. Hoooooray for big boobs :winkwink:

S_a_m_m_y Nov 2nd, 2010 15:28 PM

:holly: right couldnt :blush:

moomoo Nov 2nd, 2010 15:29 PM


Originally Posted by S_a_m_m_y (Post 7569431)
:holly: right couldnt :blush:

Hahahahaaa! You've been waiting to use that one haven't you?! Haa! :rofl:

S_a_m_m_y Nov 2nd, 2010 15:30 PM

just saw it today when looking through the different icons was wondering if I would ever get a

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