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Jenniflower Dec 30th, 2010 09:28 AM

Positive natural birthing stories
Hello ladies! (and gentlemen) what we have here is a collection of all the positive natural birth stories myself and other members of board of have found helpful or inspirational or just plain interesting. All the stories are broken down into categories to make it easier for you searching what you're looking for. Next to some of the stories are little notes just to give you a better understanding of what you might find.

Please feel free to share not only your story with us by posting a link to the page. If you've found a story on BnB that meant a lot to you that isn't on this page please share that link with us also. In addition if you find a story outside of BnB and you get permission from the mother please share the link with us in a post. :) Happy reading!

*Denotes stories outside of BnB


Home Birth:

snagglepat - Our second wonderful home birth

Greta Chick - I got my homebirth!! Story and photos enclosed!

pinkie77 - I'm a b n' b homebirth acheiver!

barbarap - Natalie's very positive homebirth - 05/01/2011

Janiepops - The dramatic (in the end) homebirth of Noah Albert 07/06/10 :) [Lots of days with practice labouring and then one final sha-bang!]

xsammix - My Posterior Baby and Homebirth Story!! [Waters broke 31 hours before being born]

JenStar1976 - Arrival of Alexander David James - 12 January 2010

smam - my homebirth story!

silver_penny - ***Home birth of Nathaniel G. W.***

Dimbo - My Home Birth Story [Transferred after the birth due to third degree tearing.]

Mervs Mum - Sidney's Journey Earthside

rose_ginger - my hypnobirthing and home birth story

Laughing Girl - The Birth of Isla May, 16th April 2010 [Was told she would have a long labour, but it only lasted 6hr 37min!]

Kitten - The birth of Theakston Oliver Lee-Watson (very long!!)


Water Birth:

louloubabs - Baby Rafes Homebirth [At home with only 15 min in the pool! Most done on dry land]

crazydiamond - Home water birth for first baby

Guppy051708 - Our WaTeR Baby's Arrival ---> The Bradley Way <3 [Well overcooked baby and a very long baby. Still done completely naturally!]

Ju_bubbs - Better late than never!

Bournefree - Labour and birth notes [BourneFree has been amazing and has typed up her home birthing notes that the midwives made while she was in labour. An excellent read to see how things are done]

Bournefree - Home water birth - Bronwyn's birthday diary (some graphic pictures, haha!!!)

jms895 - My New Year's Eve Water Baby - Alexander James born 31-12-10

bambikate - The amazing birth of my water baby Imogen Lily on Christmas Day 2010

ayh78 - Birth story for Joshua Jaret, born 12.10.10

madasa - at last - the arrival of my water baby

mummytochloe - Chloe finally arrived on her own steam 6days overdue [9lb 12ozer! Born in water at the hospital]

DaddyLongLegs - My Home Water Birth


Natural in Hospital:

faun - My natural hospital birth experiences [3 Birth stories in one! A great recount on having a very managed first birth and wanting that to change. Also a great example of home birthing is a state of mind]

sugarcube84 - My Birth story (a bit long sorry got carried away!)

blondey - Ava-Mae Poppy McCreath is here!!! [Laboured in water for awhile but needed to get out in order to do the last bit]

hels08 - my birth story xx

pimento1979 - My birth story- the arrival of Eva [Excellent story told in a such a truthful manner. Waters broke early, used acupuncture to help contractions along. Also declined induction and antibiotics. Ended up in hospital in the end after a long labour at home but still managed to deliver naturally!]

JudeMc - Cosmo Kai born 21.01.2011 11.15pm 52cms 9lbs 9oz /4320kg [Transferred to hospital still did an amazing job of sticking up for her rights!]

Kimbre - Payton's Natural Birth [Episiotomy in the end]

*Sam292 - Transferred to Hospital due to meconium present [Fantastic story about staying strong when things don't go to plan. Completely drug free, not even gas and air. Small episiotomy]

nanitchi - LO arrived this morning.. at 36 weeks!

gemabee - the rollercoaster birth of my little boy!

Noodlejuice - The Birth Story of Ultimate Denial...

summer rain - Didn't get my home birth in the end but still very happy with my experience

mum2bdec10 - Baby Jessica Sarah Josie Green - Big baby natural birth!

snailien - Baby Seren.... perfect!

Trying4ababy - The birth of our daughter

pinklizzy - Natural breech delivery of Erin Nicholas-9th November 2010

SwissMiss - Way late, Kilian Marcel 27.11.2010

MissyMojo - our M.A.D. Man, Maddox Andrew David

Tulip - Munchkin has arrived! Almost born in sac, one shocked MW!

disneyfan1984 - Alayna June's Hypnobirth

milkmachine - the drug free birth of Cameron james 11-09-10

spidey - Baby Kira's natural birth: Aug 14th 2009 [10lber!]

mamato2more - The amazing arrival of Peter and Kallen [Twins!]

MandaAnda - Natural birth in Hospital [Meconium was found, pitocin was refused though and baby came naturally!]


Natural births after an induction:

winegums - My mainly positive (and extremely detailed) VBAC induction story :D [VBAC, induction due to 42+2 days over due. A bit intense towards the end though a great story about how to stay in control in the middle of anything going on.]

fordy - Daneka Shanti Charlie 1/1/11 :) [Induced with sweep, waters broke on their own with no contractions so was put on Drip]

aevenstar - Eleanor Sarah, 1st July 2009 - looong birth story! [Was induced with Prostin Gel but managed amazingly with hypnobirth and tens machine]

hedgewytch13 - My Induction Birth Story 4/1/11 [Had planned a homebirth however baby was cosy. Induced with sweeps, pessary and ARM]

bumbleberry - Birth story of Jasmine Emily - [Wanted a water birth, baby was cosy though so was induced with Pessary, ARM and drip]

Pyrrhic - Niamh Elizabeth Rose 23.12.08 [pictures added]

Mervs Mum Dec 30th, 2010 10:52 AM

If it's in the public domain it's fine to link to I'd imagine. On BnB you have to be a member to access Birth Announcements and Stories so as long as you link to the story rather than copy and paste it, that will still meant that only those with the correct access can read it.

Here's mine from Sidney.....

Sidney's Journey Earthside

JenStar1976 Dec 30th, 2010 16:19 PM

Feel free to use mine: the link is in my siggy below. xx

Jenniflower Jan 14th, 2011 08:55 AM

Am trying to get this started now so if anyone reads a good story let me know!

Bournefree Jan 17th, 2011 06:07 AM

This is brilliant Jenni - had no idea it was here!

MandaAnda Jan 17th, 2011 07:46 AM

Feel free to use mine as a natural hospital one. I feel that, even though circumstances changed, we managed to keep it positive. It's in my signature where it says "sometimes homebirthing is a state of mind."

Jenniflower Jan 17th, 2011 08:35 AM

Thanks MandaAnda!

I've been busy putting up loads more today ladies so there's more for anyone who wants a read. And don't forget to share with us any stories you've read/been through!

Jenniflower Jan 20th, 2011 06:24 AM

Updated! :headspin: Added a couple really great waterbirths as well as everyone who has just posted on here. If I missed anyone let me know :)

Mervs Mum Jan 20th, 2011 09:23 AM

Add Sidney's to the home birth ones on the OP if you like hun.

Just take the * out right after the first [ and it will be all done for you to copy and paste :winkwink:

[*url=]Sidney's Journey Earthside[/url]

kiwimama Jan 20th, 2011 13:53 PM

This is a brilliant idea Jenni! I've found lately that I've actually been avoiding the birth announcements section because I don't want to fill my mind with more negative and traumatic birth stories, so this would be perfect for me to come to read some really positive stories.
Hopefully mine will be able to be used here soon enough!

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