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mommy_number3 Jan 2nd, 2011 19:44 PM

Instead soft cups for TTC
Has anyone ever tried instead soft cups for conception? I heard that this method yields good results because they keep the little guys in:spermy: without gravity slipping them out. My OH and I have been trying for 3 months. I ovulate 2 weeks after my menses, and my menses started Dec. 31 2010. I`m hoping with the help of the soft cups, OPK predictors, and pre-seed, that all will go as planned. Hopefully this will work!

cajunbabe Jan 2nd, 2011 19:51 PM

I haven't used them for conception yet, but I do use them for :af:. And they really do keep the stuff in, so I wouldn't see why it shouldn't work!

CandiceSj Jan 2nd, 2011 21:39 PM

I had never heard of this product and after looking into it, I found out it's actually not on sale in Canada... That really sucks because I would totally give it a try! Both for AF and fertility purposes. I might have to buy from the USA.

I've known about Diva Cup though and always wanted to buy it, but it's a bit investment just for AF. The Instead being disposable makes it interesting to try at least once to see if the more environmentally friendly Diva Cup might be worth it.

I'm guessing they would both work as well for fertility purposes, right?

mommy_number3 Jan 3rd, 2011 11:43 AM

I`ve never heard of instead either, until I start reading on people that was having a hard time conceiving and the instead soft cups was recommended and people said it actually works. I have never used this product as a alternative to pads, nor conception so this will be my first time. I`m not even sure how to use it, so I will be doing my research on how to properly insert it. I have to be honest, this product looks strange. I`m not sure how it holds stuff in.

Sarachka Jan 3rd, 2011 11:46 AM

I ordered them thinking they were the normal reusable ones and when they arrived they looked massive! I didn't dare use them last cycle, but now aunt flo is here, maybe i should try them. I've got some pre-seed ordered too.

mjo Jan 3rd, 2011 11:51 AM

Yea, my partner and I have been using Instead cups for donor at-home insemination, and they keep everything right against her cervix for up to 12 hours. Definitely can't hurt!! I've known some ladies that got pregnant this way, so I know it works. And yea, they look daunting at first, but they're extremely soft and flexible, and my partner has never had an issue using them. Good luck; let us know how it goes!

Leeze Jan 3rd, 2011 11:54 AM

I've been using these the last couple of months after BD-ing. It takes a couple of goes to get used to them but after that they're fine. Good luck x

ttcnewbie Jan 3rd, 2011 11:57 AM

I honestly couldn't figure out how to use these. I bought a box hoping to use for TTC and, failing that, AF. I apologize for the TMI, but let's just say there was extreme leakage. It felt fine, so I really thought I had done it right.

Hopefully you have better luck with them!

mommy_number3 Jan 3rd, 2011 12:00 PM

The softcups does look daunting, but I`m not going to discriminate aganist them because of their looks! I`ve heard good reviews on them, so its worth a try.
Sarachka, I bought some pre-seed from CVS lastnight. I`m so hoping with all my lil methods that this will be the month! I`m getting frustrated!
mjo, I will let you all know if it worked! I`m so hoping it works! And good luck to you and your partner! I`m keeping my fingers crossed!

*Sprinkles baby dust* lol

cajunbabe Jan 3rd, 2011 13:11 PM

I use them for :af: and I don't have a problem with them. They keep everything in and I can't feel it once I get it in. I'm not a very big person, 5 foot, 2 inches and about 140 pounds.

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