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KaceysMummy Feb 28th, 2011 06:39 AM

... :)
I've just met my brother in laws new girlfriend - I didn't even know they were dating at the time as we got told they were just close friends as she is a Jehovah Witness as wasn't a lot to date someone outside the faith...
But then BIL told me they were 'sort of' going out as they were but not out in the open so people in her faith didn't find out...

My BIL has openly said in the past that he was an atheist so I was a bit confused to as to why he suddenly started going to church and is planning go to conventions with her - when he was as far away from religious possible.
But he won't admit this in front of her...I think he's trying to be someone he's not and that they're relationship wouldn't work unless they start being honest.

I was just hoping any other Jehovah Witness could tell me more about the religion? Are you allowed to date outside faith? I did try asking her about it, but instead she told me I must not be fully dedicated too my religion..

It really interests me, I do think they are all closely linked.


ShanandBoc Feb 28th, 2011 07:11 AM

Hi I am a Jehovahs Witness so i can help. :)

You are 'encouraged' to date within the religion, more so to make life easier and so your partner has the same goals, outlook on life etc, and also because the bible tells us 'Bad associations spoil useful habits' 1 cor 15:33, so you have to be careful of who you associate with., but there are plenty of witnesses who have unbelieveing partners or even ones that believe what they teach but arent 'active' so to speak.

For ones already married and one marriage partner becomes a JW, the last thing they are ever meant to do is divorce or leave their husband / wife as the bible clearly states that marriage is sacred.

For a run down of beliefs i have tried to explain below. We live strictly to bible standards / morals / teachings and follow Jesus' instruction to 'preach the good news of Gods kingdom' Gods kingdom is a heavenly government that we believe as the bible teaches will soon wipe out all wickedness on earth and make way for paradise to be restored, Gods original purpose right in the beginning in the garden of Eden.....

Anyway run down of beliefs below, all can be backed up with plenty of scriptures from the bible, let me know if u have any other questions, i would be happy to help :)

The bible says that Satan is the ruler of this world (hence the many many problems) until God steps in at armageddon where he will destroy the wicked.

The bible explains in detail the world events, attitudes of society in general and the moral breakdown that would occur in the last days of this system. Matthew 24:6-14, 2 Timothy 3:1 - 5. Major earthquakes in 'one place after another' Great wars, increase in crime etc is mentioned as part of what makes up the 'signs' of the last days as a reminder of christs presence and armageddon drawing very close.

Gods original purpose, is for humans to live forever, on the perfect earth he created for us.

The bible speaks of 144,000 going to heaven , These ones will be part of a government (Gods Kingdom) that will rule over a paradise earth from heaven, along with Jesus and God. This government will replace any earthly human governments who constantly have failed throughout history. A global paradise, where obidient humans will live forever, what we were originally purposed to do. Where all will want to obey god as time has proven whats happens when we rebel against him and live without his guidance

When you look at the world around us, you can see its not how it was meant to be. We and all the things in it were designed with a purpose. Human government and rulership has clearly failed and demonstrated how humans are incapable of ruling themselves without gods guidance, this is why it has been allowed to go for so long. We have gotten to a point where we are destroying the very earth we live on! It needed to be proven that we cant govern ourselves and time was needed to prove this, Gods right to rule was challenged right back in the garden of Eden.The bible says Gods kingdom (rulership from heaven , over a cleansed earth)will be, in the end, mankinds only hope for the future. And u can see that proving more and more true by the day

Adam and Eves blatant disobideince even tho they had everything they wanted and more raised some serious questions.... would and can humans remain faithful even when tempted, even under trial? Can humans live independently of their creator? It challenged Gods right to rule, and this couldnt be resolved just by wiping out Adam and eve and starting again, remember thousdands of angels would have been watching, as well as the instigator, Satan. How would that have made God look, like he thought they were right?

Hence why things have been allowed to go on for a time without God having any direct hand in human affairs, it has proven for all time that we cannot govern ourselves

So this 'kingdom' is the bibles main, consistent message from beginning to end, and the main message of our 'witnessing' work, out of love for neighbor and to warn others of what the bible promises is to come

Hope this has helped, like i said a basic run down of beliefs x

KaceysMummy Feb 28th, 2011 07:35 AM

Thank you.. :)
I do understand everything you have said. It does make a lot of sense.
Im Catholic so I think they are sort of similar - like the marriage is forever, living by the ten commandments, growing old - still feeling young but dying...but my beliefs are slightly different.
Is your religion like that only Jehovah Witnesses, get to be part of the 'perfect paradise' when it happens, if you know what I mean? and what happens to the dead until that happens? and what happens if you sin, if you can still sin, are you forgiven?
Sorry hope you understand what I'm trying to ask and hope you don't mind answering...

ShanandBoc Feb 28th, 2011 07:59 AM

Well in a word no, witnesses who are practicing what the bible teaches and living in accordance with it completely to the best of their ability, most probarly will be saved at Armageddon, but God is the final judge and knows what is in peoples hearts, so those with a righteous heart will also be saved, armageddon is destruction of the wicked.

Also as far as the ressurection after armageddon, the bible says that there will be 'a ressurection of both the righteous and unrighteous', so those who have never had the opportunity to learn about God and his purpose will be given a chance to do so and make up their mind if they want to be obedient to him or not :) John 5:28,29

Of course if you sin and are generally sorry you will be forgiven. This has to be proven in action tho by stopping what you are doing wrong, and turning away from it. God knows if one is genuinely sorry or not.

The bible makes many references to the paradise on earth where the righteous will live forever and the conditions they will live under

Psalms 37:29

Psalms 37:9,11

John 3:16

Isaiah 35:5-7

Isaiah 65:21-25

Isaiah 11:6-9 name a few

Matthew 24:14 - Speaks of the worldwide preaching work that would take place before the end

As far as the dead the bible clearly states that the 'dead are conscious of nothing at all' - Ecclesiastes 9:5 and Genesis 3:19 states 'from dust we are from and to dust we will return'
More on the whereabouts of the dead....

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Psalms 146:4

John 11:11-14


Jehovah is gods name Psalms 83:18

I hope this has answered your questions x

ShanandBoc Feb 28th, 2011 08:04 AM

Also JW's refuse to go to war, or vote due to injustices with human governments and their involvement in war.

ShanandBoc Feb 28th, 2011 08:09 AM

Oh and The reason they abstain from blood, is of course because the bible says to do so (Acts 15:28,29 - where it is grouped in with fornication and idolatary to emphesise its importance)blood is our life force and is precious and shouldnt been shared or taken into the body. Because of JW's there has been much medical advancement in non blood products which can be very effective.....and alot less risky as they dont pose threat of disease etc

I think thats all lol, i thought you may ask about the above :D

KaceysMummy Feb 28th, 2011 08:46 AM

Yeeeah thank you, understand a lot better :)
It does seem like a very passionate, strong religion, which is great really!
I applaud anyone with a religion, its hard nowadays as so much stick comes with having one. And I respect everyones views.
What would happen if you had to give blood, you couldn't no matter what?
Any everyone goes to paradise, except the wicked, yeh?
Sorry...''/ you don't have to answer...

ShanandBoc Feb 28th, 2011 08:59 AM

Glad ive been of help

Like with alot of things there are alot of misconceptions and false info (esp on the net!)

You mean what wouldhappen if you had to take blood, as in a transfusion or you would die?
Well is would be going against Gods laws so you would refuse it. If that means you die then I guess its a matter of trusting God and knowing that abiding by his laws in the long run, is the best way and you would be ressurected if u died. Afterall he created us so he knows what is best

But really in this day and age blood transfusions are getting less and less necessary with all the advancements in non blood treatment

Generally everyone goes to paradise excpet the wicked yes, and those who have had the chance to learn the full truth about the bible, and blatantly turn against it..... although its not up to us to judge who is wicked and who is not. I mean there are some people that are so evil that you would think they would be destroyed at armageddon, but again only God knows what their true heart condition is x

Dont apologise, i can answer anything you would like me to :-)

KaceysMummy Feb 28th, 2011 09:26 AM

Yeeeah I know, people are just too judgmental really...
Yeeah you have been a help thanks :)

ShanandBoc Feb 28th, 2011 16:56 PM

Anytime ;) Hope all goes well with your brother in law x

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