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Hopin&Prayin Mar 27th, 2011 09:27 AM

Any ladies at 11 dpo..Llist all your symptoms!! From 1-15dpo ;)
Well I've not caved in to test yet and I'm 11 dpo.. I've "tried" NOT to symptom spot but believe me its Hard... lol

I noticed from 5 to 8 dpo the ever so lovely cramping, it hurt, cramps deep and low, kinda felt soar? dry mouth, thirsty and irratible, I chewed out my OH... :haha:

6-10 dpo everything under the moon... some on and off mild cramping, headaches, funny taste in my mouth, food adversions, peeing alot, like every 30 minutes, leg cramping, back soarness and bbs starting getting heavier and fuller, BIGGER!! veiner, little jabs of pain, here and there, dry mouth big time, smells made me want to puke but did'nt, food adversions, food tasted weird? No appetite, thirsty all the time, tired, omg fatigued bad all I wanted to do was sleep.. Cm picking up but not a whole lot, white and milky then creamy :shrug: did spot a tad light brown late on 10 dpo. weird feelings in lower abdomen, and the gas.. :lol: terrible...

OMG at 10dpo MEGA Soar BBS sides and under arms, left bbs was bigger than my right one, I freaked... I don't know it could be PMS? I was real sensitive yesterday, headaches, got weepy, moody at the same time poor OH... lol TIRED, I mean exhausted.. cm was watery milky sorta, I thought I started... later that evening some faint spotting a tad only on tp.. No cramps nothing...

11 dpo excessive dry mouth, thirsty, no appetite, peeing alot, legs cramping bbs still soar.. still no cramping, tired like I have'nt slept at all.. itchy bbs and stomach too which has been on and off for a few days as well..

And I'm not going to cave in and test this time... lol My body loves to play tricks on me but this time I have a gut feeling this is it.. I've NEVER had the soar sides and armpits before AF never.. last time I was prego I had it, but unfortunately ended in MC... I just pray IF I am that it is super sticky this time... And I was told TWINS by my psychic friend and another psychic... Woo hoo... First baby and I'm gonna see double... double trouble that is... :haha:

Post up ladies... Every detail every symptom from 1 to 16 dpo...

Good Luck to every one waiting for their :bfp: Spreading loads and loads of baby dust... Roll Call... Lets chat away!! FX WE ALL get our :bfp:

franny_k Mar 27th, 2011 09:47 AM

You're so good! I told myself that I wouldn't test and then at 10dpo (am 12dpo now) I tested. Got very faint line but might have been evap? And now the shops are shut and I can't test again until tomorrow :( although that is probably good.

My symptoms:
* fatigue - been in bed every night for the past week by 9pm. On Friday was asleep by 7pm!
* cramping, discomfort in pelvic area (but this could be AF on her way)
* bit cranky - but as I'm so tired it could be because of that
* bit headachy, sort of dizzy at times
* had tingly boobs 10dpo but nothing last two days (and with my DD this was THE sign that I was preggers!)

Good luck! I'm probably going to test again tomorrow. I know that I shouldn't but I can't help myself!

sarina53172 Mar 27th, 2011 09:49 AM

i am 12dpo here is my long list lol

march 18th.(3dpo)
i started mucinex my cm was milky color n a texture like lotion
march 19th (4dpo).--cm more watery and little bit stretchy and little bit of white and leg and butt cramps
march 20th(5dpo) --strong cramping in the morning. lil nauseous cramp or tingling pain in lower back CM still clear with a little white not stringy little like lotion and sharp pains in my vagina. i was having backaches cramp and a headache, and leg and butt cramps
march 21 (6dpo)--had legs and butt cramps, backache cramps nausea headache CM creamy kinda like lotion when i would burp i had a weird burnt vacuum belt taste in my mouth boobs feel weird and dark veins on my areola
march 22 (7dpo)--cramps and stuff not as bad headache backache boob still feel weird and dark CM still like lotion little bit and little but stretchy and clear
march 23 (8dpo)-- backache on and off cramping in lower abdomen CM not as stretchy still like lotion headache and my boobs are still the same
march 24 (9dpo)- cramping in my lower right side..nipples are still the same my left nipple itches. cervical position still the same and mucous still the same slight headache mild backache not as bad tho. Slight nausea. Later that night got a bit more CM clear/watery kinda stretchy
march 25th (10dpo)- mild cramping. Backache. feel a tight cramping in my upper stomach making me feel a bit nauseous, cramping in my legs and butt, headache, threw up after sex, intense cramping in my lower stomach and little sharp pains in my left boob…and I have these weird feeling in my stomach on n off all day
march 26th (11dpo)- feel a bit nauseous throughout the day threw up in the morning cramping in left and right side and lower abdomen headache leg and butt cramps. Strong urine smell and dark in color backache boobs still the same, fatigue I feel like I cant get enough sleep and can sleep all day
March 27th (12dpo)- a bit nauseous this morning felt okay after I ate, cramping in my abdomen and butt and legs. boobs still the same.
all those days my cervix has been high and soft

Hopin&Prayin Mar 27th, 2011 10:00 AM

Thank you ladies... Sounds very very promising for US ALL... WOW... that is alot of same symptoms as Me...

franny k I'm crossing everything for you, you say a faint line? was it during the time alloted? sorry the stores are closed that stinks... Retest in a day or two! Fx'd you get your :bfp: too :)

sarina WOW that is a very detailed list!! and you have not :test: Holy Catfish, YOUR PREGNANT!! You have every sign that you are... :test: :test: :test:

I'm holding off 2 more days and I'll test... watch I'll get weak and go get one today :haha:

Good Luck ladies... Hope we all can be bump buddies!! Keep us posted!!

sarina53172 Mar 27th, 2011 10:02 AM

lol with my son i didnt get a positive urine test til iwas im waiting til AF is missed which shes due ini 2days...and if shes missed ill test on the 31st and if thats neg...ima wait about a week

Hopin&Prayin Mar 27th, 2011 10:05 AM

Wow it took that long to get a :bfp:?? thats crazy, I'd have grey hair waiting that long. :lol:

Looks like were both in the same boat... I'm holding off to test in 2 more days too... I'm excited yet scared... lol or should I say hoping yet panicking IF I am... The OH will freak... I just hope its not PMS and I look like an idoit for thinking I am pregnant.. My body likes to play games with me, cruel I know... Just gonna have to see if the ugly bish shows i.e. witch.. lol I'm like clockwork but for some reason I'm thinking she's not going to show.... :haha:
:af: :af: :af: :af: :af:

sarina53172 Mar 27th, 2011 10:07 AM

yeah thats how i body is cruel to me too...but i know alot of my symptoms can be AF too so i dont have my mind set on thinking i am pregnant i know that there is a chance and also a chance for af but i hope she doesnt show fx

Hopin&Prayin Mar 27th, 2011 10:16 AM

Its completely draining, the wait, wanting to know one way or another GRRRR... They say PMS mocks AF so I guess we'll see in a few days... :) That damn witch better stay away... Theres nothing wrong with thinking we could be pregnant, I just hope we are... I'm tellin ya, I have'nt had the soar bbs like this since I was pregnant last time and I already have big boobs and being soar on top of that OUCH!! lol

I think everyone woman that is trying to get pregnant goes through this ever so not lovely wait and wanting to know. I don't care if I look like an idiot if I'm not.. No one can brake my spirit and hope... so poo on them if they think otherwise... :lol:

sarina53172 Mar 27th, 2011 10:20 AM

lol i know i am very hopeful too i just dont want to get disappointed .but my boobs feel like water balloons and i have bumps around my my whole areolas which i know havent always been there but the white bumps around my nipples im nto sure if those have always been there or not.....ughh i just want to see :bfp:

Hopin&Prayin Mar 27th, 2011 10:31 AM

OMG Your sooo pregnant... :test: :test: :test: already... your bbs are gearing up for breastfeeding, the bumps are called Montgomery glands or areolar skin glands!! Your pregnant... TEST ALREADY!!! Woohoooo. Are your nipples darker or have rings?

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