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charlie30 May 11th, 2011 15:38 PM

Pains? :-(

Last night i got some unusual pains that i havent had before, my zoladex injections ended just over 2 weeks ago, and last night when i was laying in bed i got these sharp needle like pains shooting down from my bellybutton down to behind pubic area, im having af cramps on and off, feels like it will be here any minute but just had lots of creamy cm (sorry tmi) :blush:
Any ideas what these pains could be? i had mild endo removed before the injections, it doesnt feel like endo pain but im worried its adhesions from the lap?

Charlie x

prettynpink29 May 11th, 2011 15:45 PM

I don't have much advice, sorry! but unfortunately that is exactly what my endo pain feels like.. sharp, stabbing needle pains that shoot down to my pubic area and sometimes down the inside of my thigh. I have had two laps.

charlie30 May 11th, 2011 16:01 PM

Thanks for reply, iv not had pain like that before, iv gota wait til october now to see cons again, to see if i get pg but i doubt that now if the endo is back, fat lot of good the zoladex was! i hope it eases off, im going on holiday next sunday.

Charlie x

prettynpink29 May 11th, 2011 16:21 PM

what is zoladex? I have never heard of it before? I have endo everywhere:( I know how you feel. If I dn't get pregnant by October, which will be 8 months of ttc, then my doctors suggest I have another surgery:( No more surgeries! All I want is a baby.. If god would just allow me one biological child I would be very grateful and blessed!

charlie30 May 11th, 2011 16:32 PM

Hiya, i know how you feel, i think il be having another lap :-( zoladex is an implant you have in your tummy once every 28 days and it stop af and puts you in a temporary menopause, i had my ovaries drilled too as i have pcos. i didnt think the endo could come back with no af :wacko:

How many laps have you had? have you been ttc long?

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