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MissBroody Aug 29th, 2011 13:29 PM

WTT with a view to TTC in Sept/Oct/Nov - looking for a TTC buddy!
Hello :flower:

We are hoping to NTNP in September, possibly NTNP again in October and then properly TTC from November onwards - anyone else? I'm looking for a TTC buddy :haha: This will be our second child, our son is 16 months old. He was conceived within 2 weeks of stopping the pill, so I'm hoping we're as blessed this time round. Patience is something I don't have lots of :haha:


P.S - to those who are, are you doing anything at the moment? I'm taking folic acid and trying to eat more healthily. I did an OPK last month (month I stopped taking the pill after 14 months) to detect what day I ovulate. But that's about it :shrug: We're ''going with the flow'' again with this one.

almosthere Aug 29th, 2011 13:39 PM

I would love to be buddies! I have yet to add a buddy to my signature. Hehe. I am going of BC October 2nd and going to start ttc then for our first! No charting or ovulation tests, just lots of :baby::happydance:. We want to do this with as little stress as possible. Plus, DH is 23 and I am 22, so hopefully being young and healthy will be of great advantage to us! I hope we get pregnant within the first few months, but it could take just that long to start ovulating so we will have to keep our fingers crossed!

almosthere Aug 29th, 2011 13:40 PM

p.s. your son is adorable! what's his name?

MissBroody Aug 29th, 2011 13:46 PM


yay! I'm 22 too! and OH 23 also! I'll turn 23 and OH 24in October. We were due to get married yesterday had our son not come along, lol So that's been put on hold. Being young is a great advantage :happydance: I've stopped BC twice before and always ovulated the first month off it so definitely possible - I hear you're sometimes your most fertile those first couple of months off BC! I hope it doesn't take long for either of us :) No stress is best I think :)
Thank you - his name is Harrison. Have you and your DH got a gender preference? Congrats on the marriage (though it was 4 years ago I can see on your ticker, lol) Yay- a bump buddy!!

PS I feel so nervous about TTC. I start a new job in a fortnight and we'll be moving house within the next 6 months, so it's scary to think I'll have to tell my employer I'm pregnant not long after starting there (hopefully!) - and possiby moving house pregnant too eeeek. How are you feeling?

Soniamillie01 Aug 29th, 2011 13:46 PM

Hi. I'm coming off the pill end of this pack and then we ate NTNP till end of year as want to lose some weight but really could do with buddy or two. My Hubbie is really into it, we've just got back from a night away as it was our first wedding anniversary yesterday and was like let's just start ttc now. He agrees with my thinking as above. I'm
Soooo excited! X

MissBroody Aug 29th, 2011 13:52 PM

yay! Yea - the more the merrier :flower: I'm excited too but so so nervous. I need a wisdom tooth pulled and I have to get that done before we TTC -boo!! Hope it happens quickly for us all. Can't wait to have a bump. I'm going to add you both as bump buddies in my siggy if that's ok? It's so tempting to just TTC now isn't it?! Time will fly by, I hope! xx

Jembug Aug 29th, 2011 13:54 PM

Hi ya ladies, thought I'd join you. I will be coming off the pill in the next couple of months and I've always fallen pregnant within five weeks, so I'm hoping it will be east next time??? Fingers crossed.

I'm 27 and so is my husband- strange typing that, we got married two weeks ago.
I have two girls, Isla who is 27 months and Demi who is 6 and a half months.
I am looking for a job as i've just been made redundent whilst on mat leave :( so that's my reason for holding off..... So I will be my future employer that I'm pregnant too :)

almosthere Aug 29th, 2011 13:56 PM

Yay, Ill add both you girlies to my signature , so excited to have buddies! And that is too funny we are the same ages MissBroody. DH is going to turn 23 November, and I'll be 23 in June, so right before baby will come if I get lucky with a July baby! And both DH and I are rooting for a boy, but of course a girl would be lovely too. We also agree that a healthy baby is most important in comparison to sex choice. I love the name Harrison! We are thinking of Liam for a boy, but I really like Bryce and Conner too! And I can totally relate to the nervousness with a job and telling your employer. I am in my last year of college so I will have to tell the family I nanny for that I am pregnant! I have no idea how to tell them, but It would be great if they allowed their two boys to come to my house so I can work and be with baby too! They have a 4 year old and an almost 1.5 year old, so not sure if they want there oldest to go through the baby drama again!

I am so excited to start ttc soon, it just takes my breathe away that the time is almost here!

And Soniamillie, trying for number one, or two..?? When does your pack end?

almosthere Aug 29th, 2011 13:57 PM

Welcome Jembug-cute user name =)

Soniamillie01 Aug 29th, 2011 14:02 PM

Wow it seems that we all have so much in common. I'm 29, 30 in a few weeks and Hubbie is 35, so we are a little older. Been married one year and one day (now that sounds weird as only seems like yesterday)! I'm currently on Cilest and have been for 12 years or so and a little dubious about coming off after being on it for so long I.e cycle taking ages to return to normal although I hear some ppl are most fertile when they come off I.e straight away. This will be our first, Steve only wants one and ideally would like a boy although is happy as long as healthy. I really want a girl but in the se thought stream I. E health and I am sure we would have another! I want to lose some weight first as I am about 6 stone over weight, I've lost just over a stone so far and would like to lose two more before Xmas to ttc in Jan. So nice to have you girls here, I am
new to all this and post via phone so will update signature when on a pc
Without work catching on!

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