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sweetie888 Feb 5th, 2012 20:19 PM

Zinc for Men and More?
Hi Ladies!

I'm starting out this cycle with continued positive thinking!

1. I know there was a thread mentioning that ZINC supplements did wonders for their OH. I checked OH's mens' multivitamin and is has the 100% daily recommended value of Zinc. Can someone tell me how many Mg of Zinc they were taking/using?

2. I didn't plan on temping and learning all the BBT stuff - didn't want to stress out about. But seeing a BBT thermometer at Target the other day for just $8, I figured "why not". Not telling OH about it. Don't want him to stress out either. I still have a lot to learn about it - have not been good about the "same time", "don't get up and move", etc. Is there any "special temp" I should be on the lookout for? Or is BBT really just for tracking and getting more in tune with your own body and recognizing ovulation after the fact?

3. I've been terrible at checking CM. Every time I've checked, it's just nothing like what y'all describe EWCM, stretchy, clear, etc. I think I'm pretty "dry"? I heard a lot of mentions of Robitussin, so I did some research, bought Mucinex (which helps with my constant congestion anyways) and decided to start taking it today. [Key ingredient: Guaifenesin] Now for the fun of more checking CM! Note sarcasm. hahah

I'm not trying to stress much. Just love to exert every option, helpful hints, and even old wives tales to get this bun in the oven ASAP! Any more ideas ladies? What new things are you implementing this cycle?

j1405 Feb 6th, 2012 03:53 AM

you are like me today... i'm sitting here thinking . . AM I DOING ENOUGH??!!

we should really give ourselves a break but its so hard when af shows up every month!

about the zinc. mens can take 30mg of zinc a day to increase sperm and motility!! very good descision to have oh take it!! i have put my oh on a multivitamin as well this month so hoping it works! if it has 100% zinc then thats great!! my oh's multivit only has 5mg of zinc a day but i'll see how this month goes and if nothing, i will up the dosage a bit!!

i use opk's but do not do bbt temps. i stress enough as it is... lol!! tempting is very good to see when you ovulate and when implantation can possibly happen! fertility friend website has a nice charthing thingy.. i'm not too hot on the chartig but you can always google a bit... lots of info on charthing!

i check cm every now and then but im pretty dry also... which made me think thats our problem. i am starting evening primrose oil this month to see if my cm increases! i'm o'ing this coming weekend and i'm hoping my opk's give me the go ahead and my cm will be more!

i'm not discussing all this stuff with oh either. they don't really get it and we don't want them to stress about us stressing bcoz its not happening either!!

are you using opk"s and how long is your cycle?

hapi2bhealthy Feb 6th, 2012 04:03 AM

Can I suggest a supplement called "Menevit"? I don't know if anyone has heard of it but we have it here in Australia and I had a friend who conceived using it. Just a thought! Babydust to you!

Pebbles11 Feb 6th, 2012 04:58 AM

Hi ladies, it's my second TTC cycle. I have put the hubby on zinc, in on it too as well as folic acid. I have been using opk sticks (digital clear blue ones) however they haven't picked up a surge this month.... However I do feel like I ovulated so who knows. I know a lot of people who never got a positive opk but got pregnant so we'll see. We have been using preseed a bit. I had a tiny bit of blood after bd on Saturday (should have been ov day), more like a pinkish smear on toilet paper than actual blood, so I'm hoping that was ovulation bleed. I have always been a bleed-er mid cycle LOL! Might bd one last time tonight and then 2ww.....

sweetie888 Feb 6th, 2012 10:52 AM

j1405 - I'm actually not stressing about it too much. I think I just like to be prepared and use everything I can to help our chances! I've heard a few mentions on here about evening primrose oil. I'll have to look into that? It's to help with CM? Do you take it every day or at a certain time of the month?

Pebbles11 - I did use OPKs all last month. I went through 3 packs of First Response in one cycle, to never get a true positive. I still feel like I ovulated though - got cramping, tenderness, etc... This month I both the cheap Target dip-stick type of OPKs so I can test longer and more often (probably every day after AF).
That sucks about the mid-cycle bleeding. But at least you know that it's normal for you.

hapi2bhealthy - Thanks for the suggestion! I;ll look that up!

I just checked OHs multi vitamin. His 100% DRV of Zinc is only 15 mg. I may go buy him and addt'l supplement then. And Folic Acid? I never thought of that for men either. His has 400mcg (100% DRV)

j1405 Feb 6th, 2012 12:18 PM

The evening primrose you only take from af until o. No longer than that, it can cause uterine contractions! U should give it a try!

sweetie888 Feb 7th, 2012 02:37 AM

j1405 - THANKS! I just went out and bought a bottle of EPO tonight and took my first one!

Also a NOTE on ZINC - DH was NOT into taking the extra Zinc. Apparently, excess Zinc can cause a lot of health problems. So... yeah I won't push the extra Zinc. :)

Ran Feb 7th, 2012 03:21 AM

Yep, got DH on zinc and selenium :)

j1405 Feb 7th, 2012 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by sweetie888 (Post 15433874)
j1405 - THANKS! I just went out and bought a bottle of EPO tonight and took my first one!

Also a NOTE on ZINC - DH was NOT into taking the extra Zinc. Apparently, excess Zinc can cause a lot of health problems. So... yeah I won't push the extra Zinc. :)

you should do about 2000mg of epo. this is my first month so i have yet to see changes in my cm. i'm still very dry but then also its still a weeeeeek till o... argh!! dh does not have to take extra ZINC. just normal 30mg a day, which all men should actually take. maybe a good multivitamin will sit better with him as that promotes over all healt?!

wel i'm holding thumbs that the epo will do the trick for us this month!! i mean we will be giving those spermies all they desire.. nice fertile cm to live in :)

LadyGriz11 Feb 7th, 2012 05:43 AM

DH's taking zinc (30 mg) and folic acid (400 mg) along with an essential multivitamin. As far as EPO, I've been taking 3000 mg for the last few months and it's done wonders to increase cm quantity and quality. I love it (except for the after taste, yuck!!).

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