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Laura2806 Apr 9th, 2012 13:10 PM

Baby Babblings
So as it says in the title this for all our baby babblings! We started off in the 'we're all in this together' thread in TTW forum and thought we would start up a thread here so as not to take up all the pages with baby talk! Plus it's more appropriate being here :)

So let's start with our stories.

I'm 22 and started TTC end of June 2011, my SIL announced she was pregnant the end of october after not so long before telling me she didnt want shildren. This really affected me but more so my OH, he couldnt even be in the same room as here for months!

I started temping and opking with the advice of Sarahuk in December, my charts showed no temp rise or any real fluctuation at all and when I reached day 40-50 (something i cant remember now!) of my cycle starting jan 22 we decided enough is enough and with the advice of all the ladies in the other thread I went to the doctors with a list that pinky32 had very kindly helped me compile. A day21 progesterone test was ordered for my next cycle, I took a couple of days rest from tempting but after ov type pains I started again and found imply temp was massively highly than normal and stayed higher so I booked in for my day21 test. Phoned the following week for my results and was told I had low progesterone monday 19th March. Hit rock bottom but came round to it with the help of my ladies who also convinced me to test even though I truly thought there was no way I had caught and was about to start Angus castus.

Wednesday 21st March at 16dpo low and behold I got 'pregnant 1-2' on a clear blue digi! :happydance: stunned!

So I went straight to the docs who booked me a midwife apt for 4th April, I was roughly dated as 10wks (even though I thought 6) and the ball was rolling. Now we are waiting for our scan apt to come through so we can countdown to seeing Jellybean for the first time and praying so very hard that everything is ok.

As for symptoms -
Major bloating
Slight nausea
Sore boobs
Skin breakout just starting
Occasional heartburn

Emma I think that's me so far! Xx

Excalibur Apr 9th, 2012 13:28 PM

Hiya hun :hi:

Loved reading your story! :D:hugs:

Here is my story:

I never used to track my cycles, never even heard of an OPK, or heard of temping etc.

We have been TTC for roughly about 4/5 months now. We got our first BFP on 23rd December 2011, me and OH were absolutely over the moon! I forgot to mention, by the time we got a Positive, I was already 6 weeks Pregnant! I rang my GP the morning we found out and they booked me in straight with the Midwife, didn't need a confirmation or anything. A few days later, I got a letter in the post which contained my first Midwife appointment. Unfortunately, I started spotting so I rang the EPU and told them of my spotting, they said if it got any worse go down and they would take a look at me. Sadly, my spotting did get worse, also started cramping and passed a lot of little clots and one big clot, so I went to the ER, got checked over but the Doctor/Nurse said not to worry too much as at the time, I wasn't bleeding heavy (Sod's law). She said she would book me in for a Scan but I told her I already had one booked for the following morning, she was like, blimey, I couldn't have got you in for a scan that quick! Anyway, the following morning I went back to the EPU for my scan, they couldn't see anything and put it down as a questioned Ectopic! I had my bloods taken and my HCG levels checked, had to keep going back for more blood, they did drop and was a confirmed Natural Miscarriage on 4th January 2011 :(

I did a lot of Google work during this hard time and stalked BnB for quite a while, then I decided to finally join and have met some lovely friends, all the ladies on here are so supportive and will help you in any way they can! I have learnt everything that I know now about TTC from this site, which I am so grateful! I started using OPK's and temping, luckily, it was my first and last cycle temping as we got our BFP on Monday 2nd April 2012! :happydance:

As For Symptoms:

Slight Bloating
Tender Lower Abdomen
Slight Tender Boobs
Frequent Urination
Slight Nausea (On the day before I got my BFP)

That's all for now, sorry for the really long post! :blush: xxx

Laura2806 Apr 9th, 2012 13:35 PM

Hunni you brought a tear to my eye! Must have been awful, everything happens for a reason tho chick and now your here :-) xx

Now if anyone else joins they will know our stories and will hopefully share theirs.

Soooo on with the babblings! Lol

I'm really starting to feel pregnant now :happydance: like it's all getting real! I've asked my mum to check the post as soon as she gets it (we live with my folks while house hunting) so as soon as I get my scan apt I will know and not ave to wait to get home :haha: soooooooooooooo über excited!! Lol xx

Excalibur Apr 9th, 2012 13:40 PM

Laura - Aww I'm sorry hunni, I hope they were happy tears though :hugs: It was awful chick as we wanted it so much but everything happens for a reason and as you said, I'm here now and feel so priveledged to have been blessed again so quick! :happydance:

I look forward to hearing more stories :)

Aww glad to hear it hun :D I hope you manage to find a house soon, we are private renting at the moment but we are applying for a Council House, no luck as of yet, need to update our details to "Pregnant" soon, although they won't put us up a grade until I'm at least 11 weeks! :( Fingers crossed your Scan appointment comes through soon! I'm excited for you hehe :happydance: xxx

Laura2806 Apr 9th, 2012 13:44 PM

FXed we do too :-) and hopefully you'll hear something soon! You'll be 11wks before you know it ;-)

Thanks chick :)

Eugh I just had one chocolate orange sensation and feel :sick:

Excalibur Apr 9th, 2012 13:48 PM

Laura - I'll be ringing my GP tomorrow and informing them of our Pregnancy, at least the ball will be rolling then! It didn't take too long last time from what I remember to get my Midwife Appointment through, hopefully we'll actually get to see her this time as last time we MC the day before our first Midwife appointment! Missed that bit out of my TTC story :blush:

You're welcome hunni :hugs:

Oh dear! Hope it's not MS kicking in? :( xxx

Laura2806 Apr 9th, 2012 13:56 PM

Sounds like a good plan :thumbup: be good if it comes through really quick. You'll def get to see her this time :winkwink:

Me too lol I love chocolate! :rofl:

sarahuk Apr 9th, 2012 13:58 PM

Stalky stalk stalk! I might not be part of the bfp club yet....but I shall be!! :hugs: xx

Excalibur Apr 9th, 2012 13:59 PM

Laura - I hope it does come through as quick as last time, that would be amazing! Aww thank you chick :D

Aww bless, speaking of Chocolate, we were walking home from the shops today and I shouted " I want some chocolate" :rofl: So had to go to the local shop for some :winkwink: xxx

Excalibur Apr 9th, 2012 14:00 PM

Sarah - Hiya chick :D

You'll be part of the BFP club before you know it! :winkwink::hugs: xxx

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