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Originally Posted by readyformore View Post

Personally, I like to know the reality of my circumstances. If I only have a 5% chance of conceiving, (and that's WITH meds/IUI), then I want to know so that I can prepare to be more aggressive, (save money for IVF etc) or perhaps find some acceptance with my life the way it is. I have no room for blind optimism and false hope so I appreciated the thread. The reality of the circumstance that I am in really sucks and my hope is basically gone so seeing someone acknowledge it helps me.

Face forward, make a plan, and move on.
I'm glad to know it's not just me.

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The way I look at it is to not think too much about numbers and % too deeply, there is no set number for anyone as it does depend on circumstances but at the same time it's good to have an idea what your up against.

We should all take our personal circumstances and feel determined to overcome them, I know they say the longer you try the less chance you have but in all honesty I can easily state now that in my 1st year ttc I had 0% otherwise I wouldn't be doing this now,

Everyone should stick together in these threads and support each other on things they may have found out that upset or worry them,

This thread has told me nothing I havnt heard before and I'm sure it's the same for a lot of you.

Stay determined and prove the statistics wrong as we all know ladies on here who have done just that, don't give up hope xx

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My final say is, don't listen to stats. Every ones numbers are different. It's like body weight, you can't determine someones health just by their size thinking everyone big is unhealthy. Just try to stay away from articles and stats like that. It brings absolute no good to the table.

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It's very possible to beat the odds, and I don't fully believe your chances keep going down and down anyway.

I spent 8 years TTC, with some periods in there of 'giving up' and just not using protection but not monitoring my cycle.

I only get about 4 periods a year, if that.

I've got a 21 month old and 30 weeks pregnant currently.

No treatments. So fuck those odds I say.

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I know this post is old but just had to comment

Have you seen the Huffington post table of odds of conceiving next month? (The site won't let me post it because it's a link but if you put it in Google it will come up)

I wonder if that is where the stats come from. According to this, I'm currently at 2% a month.

However, I think they've got it backwards and it's not well-explained, meaning that the person who started TTC age 25 and didn't conceive by age 28 ALWAYS had the same 3% chance of conceiving, from the first month (statistically, not in real life necessary because eg if they lose excess weight or stop smoking or whatever the odds may go up). It's not like your odds drop with time, they should always have been similar (although they would potentially go down with age after 35). You might just not have known that when you started TTC.

Also 3% means that 3 out of a 100 women who had these odds still conceived the first month they tried and will have no idea that their odds were so low.

If you do the math, 3% chance PER MONTH actually equals 31% chance per 12 months and 52% in 24 months. I.e more than half of these women should get pregnant in the next 2 years. That's not that awful without ANY treatment at all.

Also these are statistics and within these brackets will be lots of individual variation eg there could be someone there with a partner who makes no sperm or who has totally blocked tubes who will be extremely unlikely to ever conceive without medical help and that skews the statistics. And then there will be someone who's odds are actually pretty good but who's just been unlucky so far. Again if you do the math, let's say you're very fertile and your monthly odds are 30%, which would be pretty rare, your chance of not conceiving in 1 year is still 1.3%, ie one in a hundred will still not have conceived and can actually get the diagnosis of infertility! Even though they are as fertile as one can possibly be.

AND then there is the truth that a lot of this we can't understand or have any control over anyway and miracles happen.

I really think doctors should explain what they mean with these statistics, they are there to help to make decisions about treatment options, not to scare people. If you are 35 and your monthly odds are 1%, it might make sense to go for IVF but if you're 21 and it's 5% it might not be, that's the whole point I think.

Just wanted to comment because this threat came up when I was googling and it looked way too depressing! Don't give up people!!

(Btw I also recently read that odds after mc are also pretty good, even when it's been many of them, that the next one sticks).

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I know the emotional roller coaster of ttc over 3 years. My odds were not great. Please don't give up hope. Like pp have said, there are a lot of options out there. It's emotionally exhausting and that is why we are here for you. I'm 33 now and ttc when I was 25, took 3.5 years.

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I think this thread is so unhelpful and cruel. All we have is hope, I don't know why anyone feels the need to try and take that away, especially in such a prominent, headline grabbing way. I get it's upsetting and this is a place to share that, but there are ways to do that kindly.
Statistics change from study to study, and people change, our bodies change, circumstances etc, so I hope those (like me) who found this thread upsetting take heart that it's probably inaccurate. Don't give up. There are so so many happy endings on here, which seem unbelievable, all the time. It does happen. X
*just noticed this thread is super old! Wish it had stayed away!!

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Success rates also depend on many other reasons, as e.g. lifestyle or even a woman's age.

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