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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hey ladies,

So my husband and I went to a fertility doctor due to male factor infertility. Turns out, when I got my HSG it showed I have a heart shaped uterus. The left side is larger than the right. The nurse said she has seen people get pregnant with much worse cases. We are moving forward with IVF and egg retrieval and I start my meds on the 19th. We are scheduled for our follow-up appointment on Thursday to discuss all of the IVF tests. The nurse seems to think they will not be doing a fresh transfer of embryos, and will freeze them to do exploratory surgery. Does anyone know what this means? How long will I have to wait to implant embryos? It's so frustrating. We were so close to finally having success, and it was so heartbreaking to learn that I have infertility issues too.

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