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Infertility Poem

I found this poem online and it made tears stream down my face. I just wanted to share it.

This year, I grew a garden
I tilled the soil and pulled the weeds
I raised the beds and laid the seeds
before the ground would harden
I mixed the clay with fertile dirt
worked the ground till my bones hurt

I tended to little seeds
and out of dirt they sprouted bright
soaking in the water, nutrients and light
and I could feel my heart beat
I delighted in the miracle
that God and I could conspire
to make a garden grow

I think I became obsessed
Secretly planting through the night
a butterfly garden to the left
a water garden to the right
and I wasnít finished yet
I planted bushes here and there
I even planted trees, banana and pear

I was a gardener this spring
basil, berries, melons, cilantro
cucumbers, corn and little tomatoes
fragrant, sweet and pretty things
for surely if my hands can do all of this
then my belly deserved natureís kiss

As Autumn slowly takes over
The harvest moon has come and gone
my heart beat is not quite as strong
My strideís a little slower
My tomatoes vines are turning brown
And I canít pick my knees up off the ground

The air this morning was cold
My lush gardens have wilted away
butterflies didnít visit them today
The pain in my stomach is getting strong
And I am losing hope in the garden inside
I donít know where to go, whom to confide

This year I built a garden
I watched it bloom and fade
But I could not grow one in me
My seedlings could not be saved
I tried my best to build good soil
but no amount of tilling, no amount of toil
Could make my little garden grow
From the inside out
Will I grow a garden next year?
Right now, I feel such doubt

I doubt and I cry
I cover my face and hide
Though my heart is broken
I will not stop my stride
I will continue to till the soil
I will pull away the weeds
I will feed the ground with compost
And nurture every seed
I will fill my garden with water
And sun from up above
But above all things
I will give my garden love

One day a bean will sprout
And he will beam so bright
soaking in the water, nutrients and light
he will feel my heart beat
and take in all the love I give
As God and I will conspire
to make a baby live

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