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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Vitex & Maca after 9 months of TTC

Hi Everyone,

This is my first forum post but I need some encouragement. I went off bcp back in December 2013 after being on it for about 10 years (and different kinds, bcp, then nuva ring, then bcp again).

All of my cousins warned to not start 'trying' until we were ready because they all got pregnant right away so I thought the same would happen for me.

After 2 months of no AF, and BFN's I went to the doctor in February and she prescribed me provera to try and jump start it. (Also did blood work which showed everything normal except for 3:1 LH:FSH ratio - around 18 and around 7).

I did 3 cycles of provera to see if my body would kick in on its own.

1st cycle started AF on the 10th day of taking the pill.
2nd cycle started AF on the 5th pill and didn't take the rest.
3rd cycle started AF a few days after taking the last pill.

I never O'd or started AF on my own after only taking provera, so she decided we'd try 3 rounds of clomid (50mg days 5-9).

1st round - I O'd late (day 20/21) and started my AF on my own exactly 2 weeks later.
2nd round - According to OPK's, no O and never started AF so took provera again (and started a few days after last pill)
3rd round - Again, O'd later (day 21) and started AF exactly 2 weeks later

I was getting tired of the prescriptions so this month I started taking 1200mg vitex and 2000mg of maca everyday. I feel better/more energized but am on CD17 and still no positive OPK.

Any advice, helpful hints, positive thoughts, or success with stories similar to mine would be very much appreciated. I just found out 2 of my best friends are pregnant both after only a month or 2 of trying so things are getting very stressful and sad over here.

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