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Clomid, no ovulation, provera


I took clomid this cycle for the first time and tomorrow is CD24 and I haven't ovulated yet. I have bloods tomorrow but I track cm and bbt and positive I haven't ovulated.

I wondered when should I start provera to induce a period and start another cycle?

Thanks x

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I was in the same situation last month. I had to wait for a negative blood work for my doctor to give me prescription for Provera which is frustrating. I know my friend takes hers for 10 days and starts hers just 10 days when an expected period should be without knowing if she ovulated or not. Doctors day different things. I'd just ask your doctor. I just had my first month starting period without using Provera. Took a while but it will happen for you!

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If the cd 21 test shows no ovulation , the doctor should have you take provera for 10 days then when you run out your period should start, next cycle your clomid dose can be raised to hopefully stimulate ovulation or there are other fertility drugs that can help.

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