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Progesterone serum results - can anyone help me understand what's going on?

Hi, been ttc for over a year since losing jellybean at 12 weeks last year, but in all been ttc for 18months.
As nothing has happened I've had bloods done this cycle for my progesterone levels.
I have longer cycles usually around 35-42 days long.
Cd 21 it came back as 1.3
Cd 28 was 28
Cd35 is 0.7
I got my peak reading on cbfm at cd20, never had a peak reading the previous two cycles I've been taking part in the clearblue trial. So thought yey something is going right, how wrong was I.
I've had spotting since approx 6dpo which finished yesterday, af still hasn't arrived and is two days late.
Got some strange twinges/crampy feelings and also feel nauseous and a bit weird.
All ic's have been negative the last two days as only got last blod results from Tuesday morning this afternoon.
Anyone else experienced the same? Going to speak to the dr tomorrow but need to get armed with information so I can ask him what he's going to do about it and not fob me off. TIA x

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