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IVF buddy needed!

I am currently down regulating for my first cycle of IVF. I am feeling very alone with this whole thing. I do talk to friends about it but I don't think they really get it. All my friends now are either pregnant or have kids, so I don;t think any of them get the infertility thing let alone the whole IVF malarky.

Is anyone else feeling the same? Feeling so lonely with this whole thing I'd love to be in touch with someone going through the same thing
C x

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Hi Caline,

I start DRegging in about 3 weeks! You're not on your own - there loads of us on here going thru / been thru/ about to start IVF!

Check out the 4 leaf clover thread its for IVF / ICSI girls - they are a great bunch and will answer any questions you have and offer loads of support!

FX for you x x and I hope to see you over in 4 Leaf x x

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Hi noddysgirl,

Where is four leaf?? Is that where all the IVF-ers are hiding? Lol.
How do I get there coz I can't find it.
Good luck with your cycle, and see you in 4 leaf if I ever find it.

C xx

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hi caline,
I just read your post in the 4 leaf clovers thread- I'm lurking on there but haven't joined yet because I'm not starting my down-regging until January. I'll definitely join then...
I noticed that you're also dealing with this whole question of when/if to have a lap in relation to IVF. I've been struggling with that myself as I'm also on the older side (39)- I'm not sure if I have endo, but if I was younger, I guess I might check it out first before moving on to IVF. But I think, like you, I'm opting for IVF first and then will reassess if it doesn't work. Just wondering if you had advice from doctors in making your decision, or if you've heard anything about how/if endo affects IVF. My GYN really thought it didn't and my RE said that the evidence is mixed but she didn't strongly recommend the lap first either.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Here's to hoping we both get pregnant with IVF on the first go!

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