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Good luck, Dogmommy!!!

After a lot of thought and prayer, hubby and I have decided to pursue adoption. We feel like we could probably raise the funds and we ultimately feel better putting our money towards that opposed to IVF as we would hope that it would give us better results. We filled out an online application, and were accepted today. Now we have to schedule a phone conference to talk about our options and plans. We got approved today, and it seems fitting that it would be on our 3rd wedding anniversary.

We are excited. We aren't giving up on having a biological child. We are just ready to try something else. Albeit we have the option of injections before moving to IVF, we aren't sure if we are prepared to deal with the disappointment of it failing yet again.

I'll continue to let you all know how things progress.

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Happy anniversary Brandi. I think adoption is such a lovely option. I've talked with DHs aunt who had a bio child and then adopted. It made me really think in the future we could do that. I hope it's an easy process for you.

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