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Hey Angela! How are you doing? Happy 21 weeks tomorrow!

Red, how are you? I'm so excited you're almost to second tri!

Afm, I'm so exhausted. DS got his tonsils removed on Friday and has not been sleeping well. Last night the kids were tag teaming as soon as I would fall asleep the other would wake up. Hopefully as he heals up this waking up stops. He has slept through the night for 1.5 years and I really need him to go back to it.

I am officially back to work on Monday. I have 8 weeks then summer break. Hopefully it goes by quickly and I get enough sleep. Alice does do well most nights so that is nice. It's really been her brother not sleeping lately that's killing me.

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Krissie heres hoping he settles soon and you get a routine back xx

Im good thanks cant believe Im 21+3 now it feels like its going so quickly now like he'll be here before I know it xx Alex is getting bigger and stronger I feel him moving everyday now all the time its lovely to feel though xx

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