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Confused hormones?

So I am new to the community and need a little feedback. Either negative or positive!

I have been married before and after being 'diagnosed' with grade 2 endometriosis, a laparoscopy and some fertility treatment (Femara), I still couldn't fall pregnant.

Well, I am engaged again and we have been TTC for about 8 months now. We are giving it a go, because of previous 'delays'.

After the laparoscopy, I have had a very normal 30 day period. I have started my periods when I was 11yo and never have I had missed one or had mid term spotting/bleeding.

So suddenly, on day 17 I start with a brownish discharge. It turns pinkish and lasts for four days.

On day 29 I did a pregnancy test which came out negative. I am already on day 39 and still no sign of AF.

Seeing the gynae at the end of the month, but wish I could have some kind of clarity before that.

Should I do another preg test or is it just confused hormones?

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There are various reasons for a negative pregnancy test and no period. Some are:

1. Pregnancy
2. No Ovulation meaning no Period
3. Stress
4. Excessive Exercise
5. Medication

You had a brownish discharge on day 17 lasting for four days...Implantation bleeding generally last for 1-2 days 7 days after ovulation.

If you had a short luteal phase your period might come earlier than expected

Hopefully the doctors would help you understand what is going on.

Fingers crossed for you

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I am new here too!

I think you can always do another pregnancy test. I just wanted to point out that if it is confused hormones, there may be an easy fix by the time you see your doctor.

If you're not pregnant, slightly off hormones can do lots of things.... most of which fertility specialists can fix

Not a lot of info, but at the very least wanted to offer reassurance.

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Most of us are pretty familiar with cycles that are all over the place! I would test again and see how it comes out but it was probably just a silly cycle. I'd suggest trying some charting or OPKs to get a better idea of whats going on with your cycle. Then you know when to try Also if you think your hormones may be out of wack, there are lots of different supplements you can try. Mine were out of wack because of a lazy thyroid so that might be something to look into!

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