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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Trigger shot?

How do i know if i need a trigger shot? Or is my ovulation going to do the job on its own..? Do i need a u/s after ovulation to see if the follicle really have bursted? Would CD25 be too late for an u/s to confirm the follicle rupture?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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When I did a cycle to evaluate how things were working, I did an ultrasound to measure lining and follicles early in cycle, like CD5 or so, then back CD13ish closer to O. They then had me come back about a week later for a progesterone check, which showed a lower result (I think 9 pt something) high enough to confirm O but kind of low overall.

They could also do a US after O to see, my doc did the progesterone draw though. I think they would need to do a US before and after to confirm.

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Generally with a trigger, at least in my experience, I got follicle scans leading up to the trigger to measure my follicles (make sure they were mature enough to trigger) and to check my lining. I then triggered. To confirm ovulation, generally they do a blood test to check your progesterone a certain number of days after the trigger/ovulation (generally a week after ovulation).

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Trigger shot that has a synthetic version of the hormone hCG and this is sometimes used as part of a fertility treatment for women trying to conceive. Your doctor may advise you properly considering your health and condition; doctor might want for you to have the HCG shot if required to make sure that your eggs are maturing correctly and that they are released from the follicles at the correct time.

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The trigger shot is only necessary when the timing needs to be spot on like with IUI. otherwise your body is capable of releasing the LH surge when the egg is ready which in some studies has shown higher conception rates verses triggering the follicles prematurely with HCG.

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