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I just want my period to come for christmas

Today I just need to rant.

I am no stranger to took 3+ years, and fertility meds to get my son.

Back in September I convinced my husband it was the correct time to start trying for a second. I went back to the doctor, got some clomid....and here I wait. Why won't my freaking period just start!!! 3 flipping months of waiting and I am getting impatient!! Progesterone doesn't seem to work for me so here i sit....frustrated as hell....with countless friends and family announcing their pregnancies, and all i flipping want for christmas is my damn period so i can start the clomid and at least feel like I am making progress.

Rant over!

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Ugh, hope the witch shows for you soon! 3 months is a long time to wait for AF.

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You are the first person I've ever "heard" ask for their period, especially for Christmas. Haha. Aw hun, I hope it comes soon for you!

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