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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ivf questions!

Hi Ladies .

My husband and I have been TTC for 7 years.

The first 3 years, we were NTNP, for a couple of years, we were actually then trying, trying to find out when I was ovulating, etc. It turns out, I have PCOS, and don't ovulate regularly.

We then decided to see what happens... nothing has happened.

We are now at a stage in our lives where we are ready for a baby, which will mean an IVF conception.
I do have 5 kgs to loose before I will be referred for IVF via the NHS (which I am in the process of loosing! (3 kgs down already!)
  • what happens from the beginning?
  • once I am referred from the doctors, do I just wait for an appointment? what will the first appointment be?
  • will they then advise if there is a waiting list or give me a time line of when I can expect to start IVF?
  • how long do you have to have injections for? what are these injections for? is it as simple as having the injections, and then straight to the actual IVF?
  • how long do you have to wait after this to find out if you are pregnant, the normal 2 weeks?
  • And finally, how have you all found this?
I find I stress out quiet a lot when I am dealing with a situation that I cant control, or don't know much about, I research and write loads of notes to try and sink everything into my brain! I suppose I am looking for re-assurance

Thanks Ladies! x Amy x

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I have not personally done ivf. But you might have more luck on the assisted conception forum.

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Hi Amy,

We first did IVF on the NHS in 2013 but I'll try and answer your questions as best as possible, although I'm sure it will vary from person to person.

We had all our tests through the NHS before being referred, checking my hormone levels, scans for abnormalities and my husbands seman analysis. Once the cause of our infertility was determined we were referred to the clinic for IVF. It was about 3 months from receiving our confirmation letter to our initial consultation

At the initial consultation we discussed the process, our individual case and the implications. After that, we had to wait until my next cycle before we could begin.

I was on a long protocol (which I think most people start on), so injections started on day 21 of my cycle.

The first two weeks of injections are down regulation, which shuts down your ovaries etc to give the clinic more control.

The next two weeks, you continue with the down regulation injections and also start with the stimulation drugs, which thicken your lining and stimulate follicle growth. In the second week of this, you'll have a few scans to check everything is progressing as it should.

After that, it's the egg collections. Basically the eggs are sucked out of the follicles using a needle. The eggs are then fertilised that day and monitored for 2-5 days in order to determine the best embryo to put back.

You would then take a pregnancy test roughly 2 weeks later. (Slightly less if you have a 5 day transfer).

It's a long process (roughly 6 weeks), which is frustrating when you are so ready for it right now but, hopefully, worth the wait. I found the process ok, especially the first round where we conceived our son as I was just so excited to finally be doing it.

Sorry, I've been rambling but I hope it helps a little!

Good luck with your journey!

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