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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC Troubles (Need Advice!)

Hi Ladies,

Not sure if this is the right board, but it seemed like more of you here might be able to relate to my problems. Basically, DH and I decided we wanted to start trying for our first child and we keep having things come up that suggest that we may never get a BFP on our own. First, I found out I had blocked tubes after a ruptured ovarian teratoma/surgery (thankfully that was resolved with antibiotic treatment), and then DH learned that he has very low sperm count and motility (about 2 mil/mL and 10%). Because of my previous situation, my doc didn't want us to ttc for the past three months and now wants us to wait another cycle because of the contrast dye they used when checking my tubes. So frustrated and upset about all this news, but trying to stay hopeful as we only have to wait two more weeks before we can FINALLY start trying. Considering Fertilaid for Men + Count and Motility Boost, and just trying to stay calm since it was only one SA. Any advice from ladies who have had similar trouble?

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I don't have a completely similar situation, but to offer support.

There is another user on here who is waiting to try treatment due to treatment too, maybe I will direct her to this post actually. My husband actually has the inverse of your husband's issue- like 1% morphology (ughhh).

Before we even got him tested, I had him on Fertility Blend from GNC (now he is on fertile aid), and made him wear boxers instead of boxer briefs (hehehe). When he got his SA results, his count was 200 million, motility in the 80s.... so I am assuming even though his sperm are abnormal, maybe he was making a lot of them due to the regimen I had him on?

Other random experience: My brother in law had low everything when he was riding his bike daily. When he stopped, all his numbers normalized.

That is about all the experience I have.... Good luck to you in this period of waiting to try. I've heard of dye opening up the tubes and people getting preg that month?? Maybe I'm mistaking, but I didn't know you had to sit out a month you got the dye situation.


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