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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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PCOS help please!

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge around this, as google is failing me;
I have PCOS, but for the last year I have had regular periods. I've had ovulation pain, but haven't been temping as I've been trying to take things more easy and relax in the hopes that will get me pregnant (yeah right). Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating regularly, but still not getting anywhere. I've done ovulation tests this month and got a positive. I've had 21 day bloods drawn and will get the results next time I go to the fertility specialist, but I"m sure I'm ovulating regularly.
Anyhoo - other than issues with ovulation, how does PCOS reduce the chances of getting pregnant? Is there any other way it effects things, other than the egg release?
Hope this makes sense!
Thank you!

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Other then ovulation issues with PCOS, egg quality can be effected negatively if androgen level is high, also high glucose negatively effects egg quality, myo-inositol 4000mg a day plus N-Acetyl Cysteine have shown to improve egg quality. Might be wise to have your partners sperm checked as well.

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Women with PCOS also have a higher chance of miscarrying. Metformin helps to lower that risk. My successful pregnancies have been with metformin. Myo-inositol helps but it wasn't enough for me.

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