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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Need HELPP... 6years

Hello All

This is going to be long post so please bare with me

I started TTC journey in Jan 2011- But unfortunatley have never fell pregnant

My doctors recently carried out all my intially test AGAIN and have now told me that i am not ovulating and they are putting this down to my weightŁ

I currently weight around 133kg, 294lbs Roughly

I am 5"4

I know many people will just say if you want it that bad this just lose weight and im hoping that i will but this journey has taken it out of my physically and emotionally,

Im currently on Folic Acid5mg, Metformin, and Agnus Castus/Vitex

If anyone has been in my position can you please let me know what helped, basically anything will help :-)

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I'm so sorry, that's really tough I haven't been in the same position as you but I have found that red raspberry leaf tea and vitamin C during the first half of my cycle (after AF stops) have helped me to ovulate. I also really like fertility massage! But honestly, the only way I ovulate for sure is on Clomid (that's how I got my first baby). Will your doctors give you Clomid or Femara, or do they want you to lose weight first?

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laila 44
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I've had 2 friends in that same position and unfortunately the only thing that helped hem was lap band surgery (gastric bypass) to loose weight and then they were able to get pregnant. They both lost close to 100 pounds each one. I hope u can get a bfp soon! Wishing u luck!! Xx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I found that losing 10% of my body weight helped me ovulate (although hasn't actually helped with the pregnancy part I don't think -currently having some issues). It can seem really daunting and enough to make you give up without trying to think you have to get down to an 'average' bmi, but I found setting a smaller goal (10%) was enough to get me motivated.

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