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First time ovulation spotting?

Hi all,

For 2 months I did clomid, hcg trigger shot, IUI, and 2 weeks of progesterone suppositories, which only led to a BFN each time. Husband (33) and I (32) have been ttc for a year and a half, diagnosis of unexplained infertility and I have never been pregnant ever. This month we took a break from the IUI and clomid. I usually ovulate anywhere from cd 16 to 22 but this month I got an almost certain positive opk on cd 13 and a very certain positive on cd 14. Also, around that time I had some spotting, which I am guessing is ovulation spotting but I have never in my life had this. I also then had very tender boobs and nipples and cd 16, which I have never, ever experienced too. Anyone else have first time ovulation spotting or early ovulation and then lead to a bfp? I guess I am just hoping that since this was out of the ordinary, maybe it is a good sign?


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