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So sorry you're going through this My DH and I were also diagnosed unexplained infertility and we ended up going through 6 IUIs (all BFNs btw!) and 2 IVFs before conceiving our son last year. He's 5 months old now and was totally worth it!

Yeah, trying for 1 years at age 32 does mean your chances are around 6-7% I'd guess based on this chart ( Unexplained infertility doesn't mean there isn't an issue, it just means they don't know what the issue is. An RE explained to me once that there's so much involved in concepton that they don't yet know about so they can't test for factors they're unaware of. But it's perfectly fine for you to take breaks between trying assisted conception events! However I'd try and just take things easy, go NTNP and just see what happens. Try and agree with your DH how long you want to keep trying naturally this time and how far you're willing to go when it comes to assisted conception e.g. would you be willing to try IVF, how many times, would donor eggs/sperm be an option should it come to that.

lisap2008 to educate you, unexplained infertility doesn't mean nothing is wrong because there clearly is when a couple haven't been able to conceive after 12-18 months! Unexplained just means they can't find the issue, not that there isn't one! REs can't test for everything as they don't yet have the ability to and there so much to conception that there's lots of things they don't know to test for yet because certain things are still unknown. Oh and chances don't keep on being 20% for an eternity, as you age and keep trying, chances go down as you can see from the chart I shared above. So yeah, please don't keep spreading the ignorance!
I was only trying to help and no I did not mean that there is nothing wrong, I meant and said that with the fact the RE cant pinpoint an issue I think its wise to get a different opinion and its a scare tactic to give her such a low chance when he cant find anything wrong, usually doctors say this so they can push IVF. So please save your educate yourself comment for yourself I have been TTC for 9 years and am well educated, I am well aware that chances go down with age. But sometimes yes it takes years for couples to conceive with nothing wrong , perhaps you should educate yourself on not insulting others based on having a different opinion!.
Unexplained infertility still doesn't mean that there's nothing wrong. I don't know why you think that? It just means they can't find the problem. That's not opinion, that's fact! And yes, that's pretty much what you said but it's hard to discuss it since you've removed your original comment.

I also don't see the scare tactic in it, he's giving her his honest opinion on what her chances are. I doubt anyone is going to tell her that her odds are 20% for conceiving naturally at this stage as you claimed since that's completely false.

I'm all for giving hope to people with unexplained infertility. However I don't agree with giving them so much hope that they risk using years continuing to try naturally thinking they've still got a really good chance at conceiving that way when they don't. And no, when you haven't been able to conceive within 1-2 years, chances are there is something wrong.

I don't think I've been insulting, I just see red when someone is spreading wrong information about unexplained infertility. You're free to have the opinion you think she has a good chance of conceiving naturally, just don't baseit and spout false information.

I find it very telling that you've removed your comment btw.
Its a fact that there may or may not be something wrong when it takes couples more then a year to conceive, it took me 5 years to conceive my first born naturally, I was not saying that she specifically has a 20% chance but that is what chance young couples with nothing wrong have... so meaning I think the 4% chance her doctor gave her is harsh when he cant find an issue. why you feel the need to insult me and argue about it is very strange ,You need to learn that you can give your opinion and correct others without being condescending and insulting, I am not spreading false information, and BTW I removed my original post out of respect because your claiming its so false and misleading, so maybe I did word it wrong, which resulted in you misunderstanding what I was trying to say. I am sorry if my original post offended. I was just trying to give her hope.

Best of luck to the OP , Don't let the stats get you down or stop you from trying naturally if your not ready for IVF.

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For the OP.
Think you can't get pregnant? Try again, study says:

Almost half of women who said they'd been struggling to get pregnant for at least a year ended up having a baby despite not getting fertility treatment, in a new study from Australia.

That success rate was only slightly lower than in women who also reported trouble conceiving and opted for treatment with fertility hormones or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

"Many women aged up to 36 years with a history of infertility can achieve spontaneous conception and live birth without using fertility treatment indicating (they) are sub-fertile rather than infertile," study researcher Danielle Herbert of the University of Queensland School of Population Health in Brisbane told Reuters Health in an email.

That means that if nothing is clearly wrong -- men make enough sperm, and women are ovulating regularly -- couples who have had trouble conceiving should still be optimistic they can get pregnant on their own, researchers said.

"I'm not surprised that women who were not treated still get pregnant -- we know that," said Dr. Courtney Lynch, head of reproductive epidemiology at The Ohio State University in Columbus, who wasn't involved in the new research.

"We know we can get women pregnant quicker if we have them go into IVF, but if we give women time, (many of them) can still get pregnant," she told Reuters Health.

The research is part of a long-term study of more than 7,000 women living in Australia. Starting in 1996, participants filled out health surveys every few years, which included questions on pregnancy and childbirth.

The current data is from about 1,400 women age 28 to 36 who reported on the most recent questionnaires that they'd tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for at least a year at a time.

Close to 600 of those women said they'd received infertility treatment using IVF or fertility hormones, including Clomid.

Through the latest survey in 2009, 53 percent of those women said they had a baby following fertility treatment, compared to 44 percent of women who'd had trouble conceiving but didn't seek treatment, the researchers reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

For women who did have a baby, there was no difference in pregnancy complications -- including stillbirths or premature births -- between those who did and didn't get fertility treatment.

Herbert and her colleagues pointed out some limitations of the report, including that they didn't know if women changed male partners at any point during the study period, which could have affected their chances of becoming pregnant.

And one fertility researcher not involved in the new study said it's impossible to know whether women who didn't get treatment lost or gained weight, or changed their diet and lifestyle to improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

Alice Domar, of Boston IVF, said that the number of women who got pregnant without treatment after a year of infertility is higher than previous studies have suggested.

"What a lot of physicians feel is if you're not pregnant within a year, it usually means there's something going on," she told Reuters Health.

Domar said that she'd still recommend a woman who's been trying to get pregnant for that long get checked out to see if there's anything preventing her from conceiving. If not, she can keep trying. But if, for example, her tubes are blocked, any extra waiting is "time out the window," she said.

Lynch said that about 15 percent of women won't get pregnant after a year of trying, but only three to five percent of them are truly infertile. The rest will likely conceive on their own after another year or two.

"There are a lot of patients that don't want to wait another year, especially if you're an older patient," Lynch said -- and they might want fertility treatment, even if pregnancy without it may be possible.

"But if you're 28, I think waiting another year makes sense potentially before going on a treatment."

According to Domar, most women who can't get pregnant will only need treatment with fertility hormones, which cost about a dollar a day, to get ovulation back to normal. IVF, on the other hand, runs for about $15,000 a cycle, and may or may not be covered by insurance.


The findings can be seen as encouraging for some women, Domar said.

"It means if you've been trying for a year and you're young and you have unexplained infertility, according to this data you have a decent chance of spontaneously conceiving," Domar said.

Dr. Sacha Krieg, an ob-gyn who studies recurrent pregnancy loss at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, agreed.

"Women should still be hopeful that they're going to get pregnant, even if they've been trying for an entire year," she said.

Still, Krieg told Reuters Health, "I wouldn't want this to (dissuade) women from seeing a fertility specialist and being evaluated."

SOURCE: Fertility and Sterility, online January 23, 2012.

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Originally Posted by KatO79 View Post
And no, when you haven't been able to conceive within 1-2 years, chances are there is something wrong.
TTC 9yrs, im STILL unexplained. Therefore " something wrong" hasnt magically been found yet.

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I think early in the diagnosis of unexplained infertility (1 yr to 18 months) there may be a subset of people where there really isn't anything wrong they're just on the extreme end of being unlucky. I think the likelihood of there being nothing wrong decreases the longer you've been trying.

I'm on my 20th cycle with unexplained infertility, but it still hasn't been 18 months. I do hold out a bit of hope that it will happen for us naturally, I believe our chances are around 45% that we'll get pregnant at some point in the next year without intervention. We're looking at starting IUI with FE in a couple months. It's hard to know what the right next steps are when you're unexplained. I know given our age that there is a good chance that IVF will be successful. I think we'll probably end up waiting till about the 2 year mark before starting IVF. That will give us a bit of a chance to save up.

I just wanted to say "hang in there" from another person struggling with being unexplained.

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Thank you for sharing this! It was encouraging!

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