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Ladies who need a Lap and Dye...

Hello All

It is about 8 hours now since my Laparoscopy and Dye procedure.

I was so incredibly scared about having it done I thought I would post my experience here just in case it helps put anyone else's mind at rest. (My procedure was done in the UK on the NHS.)

I had the L&D because they suspected hydrosalpinges, adhesions and tubal scarring.

Firstly before I go into the details, I just want to say how amazing all the nurses and doctors were! They definitely helped make the experience so much easier.

So about 8am I went to the day surgery unit at the hospital, the nurse went through my notes, then the anaesthetist asked me some questions and prescribed some pain killers and anti-sickness meds.

About 9am the Gyno surgeon and a medical student came to discuss the procedure and get the consent form signed.

About 10 minutes later the student popped back to ask if she could examine me (down there) whilst I was under, I considered making some joke about buying me dinner first but she already looked mortified

The nurse then popped back with the meds and a gown and we discussed the possibility of endometriosis (which has never been suggested before)

I read and tried to distract myself for a bit (it was really difficult). Then at 10.45am they walked me through to the anaesthetist's room, where 4 members of (very lovely) staff fussed over me...I found this a bit daunting as it felt very 'busy'

They put a needle in my hand and some 'pre-med' which made me woozy, I breathed into a mask, some more medication was put in to my hand and then I woke up...

at 2.30pm!!!! I've never had General before so I found this crazy!

The Gyno came round and gave me the results, I remember thinking I must remember what she said.. I didn't.

I had tea and toast and the nurses helped me to the bathroom door, I managed to go for wee with no problems.

The nurses said I could call DH to pick me up and before I knew it I was on my way home.

My results according to the discharge form were, stage 2 endo, tubal adhesions on the right tube and an adhesion to the liver? (unsure on this as it was in medical terms.)

I have 4 holes, 1 in my belly button, 1 on my bikini line and 2 off to the side in between (a bit like a cross).

I hope this helps for anyone who is worried, I'm happy to answer any questions if I can.

Good luck to you all

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