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TTC 3 years unexplained infertility?

Hi there! I have been ttc #2 for 3 years with no success and looking for any advice as to what my next step should be. I had pelvic ultrasounds done due to irregular periods which showed a chocolate cyst on my left ovary, the dr thought it could be ovarian cancer or endometriosis. I later had an MRI which showed the cyst had resolved. The dr. I had seen said there is no reason to explain my infertility at this time and said I have to be patient. Well I am almost 35 I don't feel like being patient any longer needless to say I no longer see that Dr. and now looking for a new one. What tests should I ask for, should I ask for clomid? I am totally at a loss. My cycles are now generally 27-29 days, I feel midcycle ovulation pain in my right ovary every month so I think I am ovulating however the opks always show negative for me. Any advice as to what I can ask for out of the new Dr. I will see and how I can get them to help me?

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Have you had labs run? AMH, FSH, prolactin, etc? I just had my AMH and FSH done for the first time which totally explains why I haven't gotten pregnant and wish I had this done before we spent thousands of dollars on meds and IUI. You could also ask for cycle monitoring to actually see what is happening in your ovaries throughout your cycle to confirm you develop and release a follicle.

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One of the first things my dr did was mid-cycle blood tests to confirm I was ovulating. I also had the dye check to make sure neither of my tubes were blocked.

I also got the "unexplained infertility label" (it's pretty common, annoyingly) but I did eventually get pregnant just before my three year mark. It didn't stick and I had to do the IVF thing. I had two miscarriages on that, but all the drugs & hormones (or maybe the miscarrying? idk) kick started my system and I got pregnant on my own the month after miscarriage no 3.

Now two years into trying for number two... and I'm staring IVF in the face again. Thankfully, I'm in the UK so it's much cheaper to self-fund (my first two goes were free.)

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Probably a good idea to have your DH checked if you haven't already.

We're unexplained although haven't been trying nearly as long as you. We are just starting IUI. I think its a good first step. We're waiting to do IVF till the 2 year mark.

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