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Hoping for some answers

I am hoping that someone can give me some insight. I understand the whole don't use OPKs to confirm PG, but here is the confusion.

Before I got PG with my DD I was consistently getting PG but having MMC around 6 weeks. Each time I was able to check PG with OPKs. I would get negative OPKs after O till the positive PG.

Now that I am trying for number two I am getting positive OPKs several days before AF is due but I am not getting positive PG tests because I am not getting PG.

I didn't get the positive OPKs in the past and I was getting PG. Now I am getting positives on OPKs I am not getting PG. I get the feeling that my body is doing something different which is causing the positives and causing me not to get PG. I just don't know what that is.

Any ideas?

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