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Taking a break from Clomid?

I'm just on my 3rd cycle of Clomid. The first cycle at 50mg didn't work. They upped me to 100mg and it has made me ovulate but the side effects have been awful.

When I finished taking my tablets this cycle I felt so depressed and suicidal and I really don't want to feel like that again. I am currently on cd31 with bfn this morning so I presume AF is just around the corner.

I'm supposed to take Clomid on cd 2-6 but was thinking of taking a month off. I have 3 months worth left to take when I feel emotionally ready to start taking it again.

Has anyone ever taken a break from Clomid? Is it okay to do this or should I continue for the next 3 months and do the Clomid 6 months consecutively?

Thanks in advance for any replies

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I took a break. My cycle after 100 mg was awful and I was an emotional wreck. I then asked to switch to femara. Would your doctor be open to that?

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I think it's okay to take a break. Femara (even the lowest dose) left cysts on my ovaries so I think it's actually good to give your ovaries some time to rest from the stimulation drugs now and then.

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It would depend what your cycles are like. If you don't get AF on your own then you'll need something like provera to ensure that you get an AF so you can start Clomid again.

But if you're feeling sucidal then I'd recommend you talk to your doctor. Femara might be a better option. Although, Clomid shouldn't be in your system at the end of the cycle so it's possible that it's not the Clomid but the sh*tness of TTC and infertility making you feel like that.

Try and keep your hopes up. I conceived on my third Clomid cycle and like you, the first didn't work, second was a BFN. Good luck

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